While most of the Friday Night Lights talk centering around the Nebraska football team is about the kids the school is going to bring in, there was a bit of news about guys that are already in Lincoln and looking to make an impact in 2017. Some of those players were even helping out on Friday night. Freshman linebacker Avery Roberts is one of those players that the Husker team might be leaning on in the very near future.

Unfortunately, the Nebraska football team is going to have to hope he'll heal up before they lean on him. While he was working the camp, he was walking around wearing a protective boot.

The Huskers coaching staff has now confirmed he has indeed suffered a foot injury

Nebraska football keeps getting bad news

While Avery Roberts isn't someone who is likely going to be a player the team can't lose, it does demonstrate the bad news isn't stopping. Last week, the Cornhuskers had to replace assistant coach Bob Elliott because of health problems.

While Scott Booker will likely be able to step in and step up quite nicely, it's never good to see a coach go down with "health issues." Just an hour after that news came along, even worse news surfaced. The Huskers were going to be losing a big time freshman receiver in Keyshawn Johnson Jr. Johnson was caught with Marijuana and the final fallout meant him leaving the school.

While there was some worry that the coaches would anger the player and his famous, former NFL player dad, it turns out Keyshawn Johnson Sr. decided to pull his kid out of school. The elder Johnson decided he didn't want to allow his son to embarrass mike riley or the university. He also said he wanted his son to learn to mature.

Should he be able to do that, he'll return. Still, the Nebraska football team is going to be out at least one receiver it had hoped could make an impact in 2017.

Nebraska football hoping for quick recovery

247Sports reports that Roberts has some sprained ligaments in his foot. “It might be a six-week process, but we think he might be ready for the start of camp.

It was disappointing. It happened in a workout one afternoon. We just hope he’s ready to go for camp.” Nebraska coach Mike Riley told the website after Friday Night Lights. The question now is whether the team is going to be leaning on the linebacker the way they might have without the injury. Does the team decide to redshirt a football player who might have played, in order to make sure he's 100 percent healthy.