Now that the Nebraska football team is playing with the big boys, there are bound to be some casualties every now and then when it comes to the 2018 class. As some of the team's more celebrated recruits pop up on the radars of other big names schools, there are going to be getting more attention. There is going to be a need to fight off schools like Ohio State and Michigan and even Alabama and USC. For now, it appears the Huskers are having an especially hard time keeping the love of wide receiver Cameron Brown who appears to have been lured into decommitting by the Buckeyes.

Second loss in a matter of months

The Nebraska Football Team has been rising in the ranks when it comes to its own recruiting class. The team has been in the Top 10 for most of the Winter and Spring but it has lost a few recruits here and there. This particular loss is something most recruiting experts saw coming after Brown was offered by Ohio State. The wide receiver had been visiting OSU earlier in the week and seemed to be enjoying his visit quite a bit.

The announcement that was almost a given came on Saturday night. The announcement came as it often does these days, with Brown letting everyone know he was reopening his recruitment on Twitter.

The statement was sweet and short. It said he had talked to his parents and decided it was time to not consider himself committed. He did add he still felt the Nebraska football team was one of his top choices, but he wanted to be free to look elsewhere. As has been the case in most of these situations, he added that at the moment, Brown has no interest in entertaining interview requests about his decision.

Bad weekend for the Big Red

Not did the Nebraska football team lose a commit on Saturday, they also found themselves with yet another wide receiver in trouble because of Marijuana. Just a few weeks after Stanley Morgan Jr's arrest in Florida came to light, it was Keyshawn Johnson Jr's turn. The big difference between the two is that Keyshawn was caught in his own dorm room, while Morgan was caught driving in a car.

The two instances of the Nebraska football players getting in trouble underscores just how important it is that the Huskers keep as many of their talented players in the fold. Considering Brown had already shown off just how talented he could be by nearly winning state in track, it's no surprise the Huskers are hurting tonight. Brown might be gone for now, but it's a safe bet Riley and company are going to do everything they can to get him back.