It’s been a rather up and down week for the Nebraska football team. Sunday kicked off what looked like it was going to be a good week when wide receiver Joshua Moore announced he was going to be a Husker. The good times didn’t keep rolling for long though, as the program announced it was losing an assistant coach and a wide receiver on the same day.

Just hours after Nebraska announced Bob Elliott was stepping down and being replaced by Scott Booker, it also announced the departure, at least for this year of one of its most talented young players.

Keyshawn Johnson Jr, who got into a bit of trouble because of marijuana is no longer with the team, though he could return in January if everything goes exactly right.

One piece of good news that did come along this week was the potential of a former Nebraska commit who might be looking to get back into the fold. Wide receiver Cameron Brown announced earlier this month he was reopening his recruiting. On Monday, Brown announced on Twitter he would be coming to Lincoln this Friday and he appears excited to be making the visit.

Nebraska using Friday night lights as a big recruiting tool again

When Nebraska managed to land Brown several weeks back, it had gotten one of the best Missouri players in the 2018 class.

There had been signs he was wavering on his commitment when he went and visited Ohio State but it’s possible he’s found the love of the Cornhuskers yet again.

Friday Night Lights has long been a tool Mike Riley and company has used to lure in big time recruits to Nebraska. This appears to be the first time it has been leaned on to try and lure someone back into the fold after they appeared to have left.

Nebraska has still had very good year

Even with the departure of Keyshawn Johnson, NU has had one of the best classes in school history. Even with the loss of Eric Fuller, the wide receiver class is even better than the one that came before it. The announcement that big time defensive recruit Micah Parsons is coming to Lincoln on Friday as well only underlines the job the coaches are doing in trying to make the team into a recruiting juggernaut.

In order to become a real power on the football field, they are going to need to bring in the talent.

So far this year, they are doing just that. The one draw back is that with it being only June, things can change for the worse quickly. They can also change for the better just as fast. This Friday could certainly change things for Cameron Brown and Nebraska.