It appears that the Boston Celtics have shifted their focus from Markelle Fultz to Josh Jackson. Having the No.1 overall pick in the NBA Draft, the Celtics have the best opportunity to play their cards well. The team still has time to decide who will be the perfect candidate, and with one week left for the NBA Draft, they have the advantage to explore more players.

According to the Bleacher Report, the Celtics stated that they like several players, but they also mentioned that they like Josh Jackson a lot. Until now Markelle Fultz was considered being their favorite pick, most of their fans believed that they might settle with Fultz.

Will Jackson out beat Fultz in the first pick?

Rumors about Fultz playing for the Celtics have been swirling right from the start. Jackson, it turns out, is a new competitor for Fultz. Both these players are talented, and they are sure to be on one of the top teams in the NBA. However, the General Manager of the Boston Celtics Danny Ainge stated that Jackson has a good draft track record and he may very well be in play.

Josh Jackson has proved to be a tough and versatile player; his talent on the court might just make him the exact Celtics player. It also depends on Jackson to push his way forward, especially if he wants to be with the Celtics. Apparently, Jackson canceled a previous meeting with the team.

While he still has one more workout, there are chances that he could get to prove himself again.

There has been no reason given for his cancellation, but a report stated that Jackson, along with his agent is looking forward to achieving something with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Will the Lakers have a spot for Josh Jackson or Lonzo Ball?

The Los Angeles Lakers have the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA Draft, but there have also been rumors that they are looking to trade their draft pick. If the Lakers continue to stick to their second pick, then they have around three options to choose. Either they will settle for Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson or DeAaron Fox.

Unless the Boston Celtics change their mind on Markelle Fultz and pick someone else.

These four players have been mentioned the most in the NBA Draft, especially for Los Angeles Lakers, and Boston Celtics. It all depends on the first draft pick as it totally lies with the Celtics who they choose. With little more than a week left they have the option to change their mind anytime. The NBA Draft date is arriving on June 22, 2017.