LeBron James and Kevin Durant are the names which largely dominate the NBA court this final. Both are known to be legends of NBA as they try to bring their respective teams closer to the trophy. Nonetheless, despite the thrills that these superstars are bringing into the court, what is more surprising is to learn that both of them were once teammates in the recording studio.

A report from ESPN has confirmed that James and Durant had their hip-hop track recorded which was kept unreleased up to this day. It has been learned that both once worked on the track during the lockout days in 2011.

During those times, Durant was then a member of Oklahoma City Thunder while James used to play with Miami Heat.

Music lovers

James and Durant are both known to be music lovers. Both of them find time to write their own songs and eventually will head off to the booth for recording. One of the news confirmed that there is one person got the chance to hear the song. He revealed that he heard Durant rapping the first lines of the track. Meanwhile, James was doing the second verse, and Durant finishes it off down to the last line.

As of now, the title of the song and the music genre are yet to be discovered. Further, it is also believed that Durant had produced the beats. Hence, it is safe to say that he had also provided the instrumental of the track.

When both were asked about the news, James and Durant confirmed that they both did the recording back then. Eventually, the NBA legends burst out into laughter and leave no comment at all.

Quality track

Meanwhile, the NBA legends haven’t made confirmations yet whether they plan to release the song in public. A source revealed that what they did was exceptional and of high quality.

He was even surprised that the lyrics were made really, really well.

To recall, the news about the hip-hop track started circulating when Durant starred in the 2012 film, "Thunderstruck." Eric Goodwin, the "Thunderstruck" executive producer, also revealed that the recording that James and Durant made was very good. He also made suggestions that these NBA legends should submit it to Warner Bros.

for it to be used in any sort of movie as a soundtrack. However, it is KD's decision to keep the song in private.

Right now, fans are becoming more curious on how such basketball legends can still be able to associate their skills on the court with a hip-hop track. However, amid the recording news, both are now hard at work on the court as they focus on bringing home the most coveted title as NBA champions. It would be best for fans to look forward on whose team will be hailed as champions this season!