As the Boston Celtics hit the practice courts to prepare for Game 2 against the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers, rookie Jaylen Brown was asked about LeBron James. And to the surprise of many, he didn't really feel LeBron was anything more than an ordinary guy.

This so-called "regular guy" happens to have 4 MVP awards, 3 NBA championships, 3 NBA Finals MVP's, and is a 13-time all-star, 11-time all NBA first team player, 5-time defensive first team player and a scoring champion. Usually LeBron isn't labeled just an ordinary player with these types of awards to his name.

But maybe it's just a rookie mistake from the Celtics shooting guard -- and LeBron will likely make him pay for it.

Jaylen Brown speaks about King James

During the Boston Celtics practice prior to Game 2 against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the rookie talked about his team's competition -- that being the Cavs team and their great player, LeBron James. He made some questionable remarks about the Kid from Akron, saying:

“I mean, LeBron’s a good player but I look at him as just a regular guy to me." Jaylen continued, "I’ve gotta come out and compete just like he’s gotta come out and compete. I’ve gotta tie my shoes just like he ties his shoes. There’s bigger threats in my neighborhood than LeBron James, so I have no fear whatsoever of LeBron.”

These big words from a rookie may not be a great idea.

Any motivation James can get, he will take and use it to his advantage, and that's certainly not what the Celtics want to see -- a motivated King James.

This isn't the first time

During the 2016 NBA playoffs, another rookie threw some shade at LeBron James. It was during the Cleveland Cavaliers' first round series against the Detroit Pistons, and a young man named Stanley Johnson decided to take the challenge of defending LeBron James.

He tried his best on the court, and also off the court, claiming he was in LeBron's head and his trash talk was getting to LBJ. But that just wasn't the case as LeBron demolished him and the Pistons, helping the Cavs sweep the series in four games. The Cavs then went on to win the next two rounds to become the Eastern Conference Champions, and win their NBA Finals series against the Golden State Warriors to eventually become the 2016 NBA Champions.

So what we can gather from this, is that whenever rookies trash talk King James, it doesn't end well. Unfortunately for Mr. Brown, this doesn't seem to be ending well for him, either.