It looks like the NBA Draft 2017 rumors are heating up even more with just days until the 2017 NBA Draft arrives. The latest speculation is that the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavs are both trying to make a deal with the Chicago Bulls for All-Star Jimmy Butler. However, it appears that a third team could also be involved. Will the Celtics part ways with the No. 3 pick they just acquired for the No. 1 pick? What assets will Cleveland use to make a deal? If so, does this officially mean Chicago will start the rebuilding process and say goodbye to Dwayne Wade as well?

Here are the latest rumors ahead of the NBA Draft.

The latest rumors

According to ESPN's Marc Stein on Monday, the Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to get the Chicago Bulls to participate in a multi-team deal in order to bring Butler to the Cavs. This report comes around the same time as reports that the Indiana Pacers have been discussing Paul George with other teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, the potential trade speculation for the Cavs to get Jimmy Butler could bring a third team into the deal, as another team could offer young players and draft picks that the Cavs don't have. Kevin Love would likely be the player sent away from the Cavs to a third team in the deal.

The Boston Celtics' rumors indicate that the team may try to lure the Chicago Bulls into a trade as well, by offering a combination of first-round picks over the next three drafts, along with some other players or assets.

The Celtics just recently made a deal with the Philadelphia Sixers to send them the No. 1 pick in the draft in exchange for the No. 3 pick this year and a future first-round pick in either 2018 or 2019. With that in mind, they could offer the Bulls the sort of "rebuilding package" they might want for a player of Butler's caliber.

Bulls' roster rebuild

If the Bulls part ways with Jimmy Butler, it certainly would indicate that their playoff experiment from the past season is being abruptly ended. The team signed Dwyane Wade in free agency and also added point guard Rajon Rondo. They also brought in center Robin Lopez, among other assets, in a trade with the New York Knicks.

Chicago was able to make it into the postseason as the No. 8 seed and fell to the No. 1 seed Boston Celtics in the first round, despite winning two games to start the series.

If Butler goes, it would be surprising to see Wade stick around on a team that won't be contending any time soon. That could mean that D-Wade also chooses a team to play for, which leaves the possibility open that he'll join his pal LeBron just like in their Miami days, in search of another NBA title.