After losing the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors in five games, the Cleveland Cavaliers have immediately become active in the offseason, looking to acquire either Paul George or Jimmy Butler.

The latest reports suggest that the Cavaliers are attempting to involve a third team that would help them facilitate a trade for Chicago’s star Jimmy Butler. It’s unclear which pieces would be involved in said trade, but the Cavaliers may have two of their veterans included.

The Cavaliers are testing the market for Shumpert and Frye

According to recent reports, the Cavs are exploring the trade market on veterans Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye.

However, the two may hold very little value in the market since they underperformed throughout the playoffs and were in and out of the team’s rotation.

Shumpert, 26, averaged 7.5 points and 2.9 rebounds in 76 games played this season and completely diminished in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Frye had his moments during the regular season and playoffs but was a non-factor during the Finals, playing a total of 11 minutes. His outside shooting is crucial, but he has been inconsistent and is aging.

It seems like the key for the Cavaliers is to get better without having to squander any of the big three. Frye has a $7.4 million expiring contract, and Shumpert has two years, $21.3 million remaining with a player option on the final year.

While Frye’s contract is friendly, not many would like to take on Shumpert’s contract, but the Cavs will try to trade both regardless.

Nonetheless, the two won’t be enough to land major talent, in example George or Butler, hence the reason why the Cavaliers are trying to involve a third team to help them acquire Butler. Who would take on Shumpert and Frye, though?

Looking deeper into the Cavs roster for other possible trade candidates

The Cavaliers may have to dig deeper into their roster to find more trade candidates that would help them acquire more talent. They don’t necessarily have to include Kevin Love in trades, but they may have to use either J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson, or Kay Felder.

Those three are better assets that would have more value in the market than Shumpert and Frye. Ultimately, the Cavaliers may be looking to deal Shumpert and Frye for salary dumping purposes.

Whatever the Cavaliers choose to do with the two veterans, the bottom line for them is to match Golden State’s level of talent. Every step they make during the offseason is going to be for the sole purpose of attaining another superstar.