The NBA trade rumors that Paul George is taking his talents to Los Angeles could soon become a reality. A recent report is indicating that the All-Star has informed the Indiana Pacers he wants to leave the team. This comes not long after George seemed like he was ready to give it a go with his longtime squad and felt they could add some more talent to help in their playoff push. Here's the latest on the Paul George Lakers rumors that have now kicked into full gear less than a week ahead of the NBA Draft.

What's the deal?

A report from The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski notes that Paul George has told his current team's front office that he plans to become a free agent next summer and intends to leave the team to join the Los Angeles Lakers.

This had been mentioned in NBA rumors for weeks now along with other speculation that he might join the Boston Celtics or even the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The All-Star forward averaged 23.7 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 3.3 assists during the 2016-17 season. Next year, George will be able to sign a deal for four years with the Lakers worth up to $130 million.

The expectation now is that George told his team what is going on to potentially help them make a trade rather than let their longtime star simply walk away with nothing in return. Could that mean the Lakers trade away their No. 2 draft pick or some other assets to get George?

There had been mention in some trade rumors that L.A. might part ways with one of their young stars such as Julius Randle or D'Angelo Russell in order to land a star like George.

Lakers draft pick

With the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia Sixers just putting together a trade to swap the No. 1 and No. 3 picks, one has to wonder if Los Angeles is setting something up or will try to keep their pick this coming Thursday. There has been plenty of speculation that the Lakers would draft UCLA Bruins basketball star Lonzo Ball, but in recent days and weeks, even that seems to be an unknown.

Lonzo Ball and his father Lavar have seemed convinced for weeks ahead of the NBA Draft that Lonzo will wind up a member of the L.A. Lakers. However, there's been plenty of talk that Lavar Ball could become a headache for the organization his son is attached to, despite the upside that Lonzo may possess.

With that said, how crazy would it be if the Lakers do end up swinging a trade this coming Thursday that sends Lonzo Ball, and his father to Indiana to be a part of the Pacers organization?

It's the sort of wild trade move that would cause plenty of surprise and probably some amusement by detractors of Lavar Ball and his antics.

Nonetheless, it seems Paul George has made his decision for his future team. Whether or not the Lakers bringing PG13 to the Staples Center is the answer to their franchise issues is another question, but if Lonzo Ball comes to the franchise as well, it could make for an interesting roster.