Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin is no stranger to controversy. His past legal problems concerning drug abuse are well documented. However, Irvin is in trouble with the law once again and this time the charges are sexual battery. There was a police investigation taking place in Florida concerning Irvin and an alleged sexual battery complaints leveled against him by a female acquaintance. According to his lawyer, Kenneth Padowitz, there is no evidence that Irvin is guilty of the charges.

Michael Irvin’s attorney’s statement

ESPN reported that his attorney said that the police investigation into the alleged sexual battery case proves that Michael Irvin, 51, is innocent of all charges.

Furthermore, Padowitz said that the prosecutors should drop all charges against the Dallas Cowboys NFL Hall of Fame superstar and he reviewed all the facts from the police investigation. He said all evidence shows that nothing improper happened between the two.

The case is from an incident that allegedly took place on March 22 at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale. The woman, who remains unidentified, claimed sexual abuse and the police have been investigating the claims since that time. According to Padowitz, the situation is now in the hands of the Broward State Attorney’s office. They told ESPN that the Michael Irvin case is still under review and that the case is still active in their office. They will determine if it will be turned over to the State Attorney’s Office.

Michael Irvin comments on the charges

Michael Irvin spoke at a news conference with Padowitz and answered questions about the charges. According to Irvin, nothing happened “that night.” The actual complaint from the woman claimed that she felt sick at the hotel with Irvin after the two spent a night together at a bar. She then called 911 and claimed that she thought she was drugged and raped by Irvin.

She then underwent testing at a medical lab to determine if anything happened.

According to Michael Irvin and his attorney, the woman was involved in a pre-existing relationship and he thought of her as part of his family. Padowitz used to be a prosecutor for Broward and said that when he looked at thousands of cases similar to this one that there is no evidence that Irvin did anything wrong. The former Dallas Cowboys star said that the allegations are heinous and false. Irvin also said that this has been difficult for him and his family to endure.