TMZ reported that Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory failed the seventh drug test since he left college and started his NFL career. However, in an interview with ESPN, Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones said that he has not been informed by the NFL that Gregory failed the test and that he looks at the news as dubious. He said if Gregory admitted to failing the drug test, he would believe it but there has been no word yet that a failed test occurred.

Randy Gregory and his NFL problems

Just because Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys have not heard about the possible seventh failed drug test for Randy Gregory does not mean it hasn't happened.

Last year, there was the rumors that Gregory had failed the sixth test for not showing up for the random testing but Jones and the Cowboys said they had not been informed by the NFL it had happened. The Cowboys brought him back and started playing him in preparation for the NFL playoffs but then the NFL stepped up and said that Randy had failed the sixth test and they suspended him from playing in the postseason and for the entire 2017 NFL season. The first failed drug test was at the NFL Combine before the Dallas Cowboys even drafted him.

Six failed drug tests for Randy Gregory

The biggest problem for Randy Gregory is that he suffers from bipolar disorder and uses marijuana to ease the tension caused by the mental illness.

The NFL does not agree with that form of therapy and rejects the use of marijuana for medical purposes. This means that, even if Gregory uses the marijuana to help him deal with his illness, the NFL will suspend him for doing so. Because his first failed drug test was at the NFL Combine before the Dallas Cowboys drafted him, he entered the NFL on probation and he failed another test after his rookie season, a four-game suspension to start the 2016 season.

More suspensions caused the suspension to stretch out to 10 more games in 2016. He then failed the sixth one and that took him out for 2017. If there is a seventh failed drug test, it could make his suspension indefinite.

Cowboys respond to Gregory's problems

With the seventh failed Randy Gregory drug test still unconfirmed, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the team will continue to try to help Randy get help.

The current one-year suspension even includes team meetings, workouts, minicamps, and training camp, so the Cowboys will have little direct contact. However, Jones said that Gregory is a great asset for the team and will support him but they need him to turn things around and get back on the football field.