Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside is one of the NBA players who has been known to share his daily life on Snapchat. He's considered one of the more interesting follows from the league, along with Cleveland Cavaliers player Richard Jefferson and others. On Wednesday, it was an extra special day for Hassan Whiteside and his followers as he showed off a major surprise he gave his mother. The Miami Heat center gifted his mom a brand new house, and it was one that she had fallen in love with.

Whiteside's gift

Since Whiteside just signed a brand new contract last summer worth $98 million over four years, he has some extra money to spend on a special gift.

He provided that for the woman who helped to raise him, his mother Debbie. Reportedly, he gave her a two-story residence, with several snap video clips on Snapchat showing the big surprise. A five-minute-long video was posted on YouTube to show off Hassan Whiteside's story as he gave his mom the major gift.

In one of the Snapchat video clips, Whiteside shows his mom sitting on a countertop inside the house. The Miami Heat center walks over and hands her the keys to the home. She asks "Really?" and Whiteside is heard saying, "That's you." After that, his mom goes over and hugs her son to thank him during the special moment. It's believed that the new home Whiteside bestowed upon his mom is located in North Carolina.

Whiteside & Heat rising

Hassan Whiteside was a player who many fans thought should have been on the 2017 NBA All-Star team as he's clearly been one of the improving players in the league. For his 2016-17 NBA campaign, he averaged 17 points, 14.1 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks per game. His rebounding stat led the league, while he was fourth overall in blocked shots.

Whiteside also ranked at eighth in the league in field goal percentage, with a 55.7 percent rate from the floor.

The Miami Heat just barely missed getting into the postseason. While the team won on the final day of the season, so did the other two teams vying for the final playoff spots: the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls.

Of those two teams, the Bulls owned a tie-breaker with Miami which saw them edge out the Heat for the final spot.

It seems as if this Miami Heat team is just a piece or two away from being amongst the mix of playoff contenders. If they can manage to snag a top NBA free agent in the offseason or possibly trade to bring in another top-notch player, this is a team that can start to really make some noise in the Eastern Conference.

As far as Whiteside's gift goes, it's another great example of a sports star giving back to the woman who helped him become the man he is today. Kudos to Whiteside and congratulations to his mother Debbie on her new home.