Denver Nuggets basketball is a bit of a free-for-all. They typically play with no structure, and the team itself just seems disorganized. Luckily, because they boast some talent, they still win games. They finished just outside the playoff picture this season, but with some big moves this off-season, you could see them in the playoffs next season. So what should the Nuggets do?

Free agents

Denver is in a pretty poor position when it comes to free agents. Their main man, Danilo Gallinari, has decided to go into free agency in lieu of opting into his player option.

Now, Danilo Gallinari hasn't been wildly successful with Denver. In fact he would probably be much better if he didn't get injured so often. But the fact remains, for a player of his current caliber in this salary cap day and age, he'll get paid. The Nuggets find themselves between a rock and a hard place in regard to bringing him back or letting him go. He has put up decent numbers, but you are most likely paying a lot of money for a player who holistically hasn't panned out. Therefore I would say do not pay him if it seems like too much.

Luckily for the Nuggets, they aren't completely dependent on Gallinari anymore with Nikola Jokic having a breakout year. This makes the decision a lot easier, and if it comes to it, letting him go more bearable.

In addition to Gallinari, an unrestricted Roy Hibbert and a restricted Mason Plumlee close out the list of free agents.

Both were brought in via trades this past February, so it is safe to say they most likely play some sort of role. But again, these are two players whom, with the numbers they put up, are in the market to get a sufficient pay raise. This is troublesome to say the least for Denver, because you are put into a tough position. Needless to say, they traded for both so expect both back on the roster next year, unless another team gets desperate and gives too large of a contract.

What's next?

If Gallinari were to leave, what should the Nuggets do? With that cap space off the books, they should seek to bring in someone who can make an immediate impact. Under-rated players at their most vulnerable position at small forward such as Bojan Bogdanovic or James Johnson would be perfect fits, and most likely cheaper than keeping Gallinari. Bogdanovic would be a great fit because he spaces the floor and could be around for a while. Losing Gallinari's spacing ability is certainly the aspect Denver should seek to recover.

But, as previously mentioned, the Nuggets need to figure out a goal. Losing Gallinari isn't the worst thing in the world, especially when you consider that they have Hernangomez, Faried, and Arthur behind him.

But free agents aren't the only thing the Nuggets are bringing in this year, boasting the 13th pick in the draft. With the 13th pick, I expect them to take a SF because that position clearly needs the most help; but it would not shock me if they took a PF. Experts have them taking John Collins out of Wake Forest, but other names I could see them stretching for include Justin Jackson out of North Carolina or even TJ Leaf from UCLA.

But going back to the point of organization, the Nuggets have a lot of players who generally just run around and do stuff -- players like Will Barton, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, and Emmanuel Mudiay. If the Nuggets ever decided to channel their talent, they could be a much better team. If Gallinari does end up leaving, expect the Nuggets' front office to give Jokic the keys to the team. Under Jokic's leadership, the Nuggets could be a force to be reckoned with next season.