Adrian Peterson has torn his ACL twice since entering the NFL. Both times, he returned the next season to lead the NFL in rushing. The first time, he returned and almost broke Eric Dickerson's single-season NFL rushing record. After missing most of 2016 with a torn meniscus, the Minnesota Vikings decided to let Adrian leave, and he spent two months looking for a team to take a chance on the 32-year-old running back. The new orleans Saints took the chance on signing him, and former New Orleans fullback said that Peterson and Drew Brees reminds him of the 2009 Super Bowl Saints.

The Saints love Adrian Peterson

When the OTAs started, Adrian Peterson was with his New Orleans Saints teammates. This is slightly different because Peterson usually likes to train alone this time of the year, but he wanted to get to know his new teammates and be ready to prove everyone wrong in 2017. Saints players, such as Drew Brees, are more than impressed in Peterson.

Drew Brees called Adrian Peterson a "stud" and said that he still looks the part of a superstar NFL running backs. The Saints already have a star running back in Mark Ingram so that Peterson won't be alone in the backfield but he is making his case for the lead horse in the running back stable. Brees said he is amazed handing the ball to Adrian and watching him break through a line, looking for someone to challenge.

Even at the age of 32 - two years older than most NFL running backs before they start to decline - Saints offensive lineman Terron Armstead said that he has never seen a human as explosive as Adrian Peterson when he takes off. Safety Kenny Vaccaro said that Peterson had not lost any steps despite his age and he believes he could play until he is 40.

Adrian Peterson about his age

Adrian Peterson actually gets angry when people talk about him slowing down at the age of 32. According to Adrian, the one thing he hates about the NFL is people putting players in boxes, especially running backs over the age of 30. After signing his contract with the New Orleans Saints, Adrian said that no two players are alike and no one should count him out because he is over 30.

Heath Evans even said that Peterson could make the New Orleans Saints unstoppable in 2017. He has looked the role in OTAs but there are no pads, and there are no hits. No one in New Orleans will see what Adrian will look like playing until he starts to take some hits on the field. However, Drew Brees has little doubts, because he warned opposing players and wished them "good luck" when it comes to talking Adrian Peterson in the open field.