The former UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball is now. considering other NBA lottery teams that would love to speak to him after the Lakers workout, according to's Ramona Shelburne. Previously, it was reported that Lonzo only planned to work out for the Lakers. Now, after reports that the workout didn't go so well, it looks like Lonzo is considering other options just like it seems that the Lakers are doing.

Despite the statement of his father Lavar Ball, "That’s all we working out for is the Lakers, Just the Lakers. There’s nobody else that we need to workout for." last May 16, the 19-year old point guard is considering other teams in the lottery.

The Vertical's Shams Charania reported that Ball will have a second workout on Friday with the Lakers to make sure that Lonzo shows his full potential and will have a full training regimen, which includes conditioning drills and on-court workouts.

The Laker's were not impressed by Lonzo Ball's performance last June 7 on the first workout, reported Orange Country Register's Mark Medina.

The Laker's have been eyed to be a preferred landing spot for Lonzo as his father LaVar Ball constantly pushes for it. But the Lakers seems not really impressed with Ball.

The Lakers even tweeted, "would pass on Ball if NBA Draft was today". Recently, they considered a workout with Josh Jackson and De'Aaron Fox, former Kentucky floor general, in their training ground in El Segundo, California. It will be the second workout for Josh Jackson. With the Lakers action, Lonzo also is doing the same, searching for other teams to consider with.

Which team is Lonzo Ball considering to play for aside the Lakers?

One of the teams in the running to get Lonzo is the Philadelphia 76ers, which is seated at the number 3 spot in the lottery. According to Chris Haynes of ESPN last May 26, Ball's camp was considering a workout with the Sixers. Another Team that shows interest with Lonzo Ball is the Phoenix Suns which is in real need of a point guard.

Lonzo would be perfect for it.

With the NBA Draft just 2 and a half weeks away, reports like this are usual. It could go for or against the way for Lonzo and his father LaVar Ball. However, reports that this leaked story could be a strategy for the Lakers to make sure that the Celtics will not consider Ball for the number 1 pick.

Is Lonzo Ball really worth a shot for the Lakers?

The Undisputed’s Skip Bayless says passing on Lonzo Ball would be a giant mistake for the Lakers. He says, “This kid is gifted. He’s got the passing gift and you can’t teach it or coach it or modify it. It’s there or it’s not. I think he’s transcendent.”