Traveling is just as costly as you need it to be. There are numerous travelers who venture to the far corners of the earth with a low budget. A tip to save cash is going to countries which are not known and the cost of living is low. Going to less known countries enables you to have an affair of a lifetime on a low spending cost.

Here are lists of the most lovely nations you can go on a tight budget plan. Rent and items cost substantially less than usual while traveling these countries.


Peru has two very interesting offers for the travelers: beautiful spots for the individuals who want to appreciate nature and ruins for those keen on history and religious philosophy.

The nation has mountains, beaches, and rain-forests for the individuals who need to encounter natural diversity on outside land.

Other than that, Peru has an extensive number of archaeological sites that speak to the lost culture of the Inca. Ancient citadels, sanctuaries, and fortresses can be found in various areas of the country, for example, the celebrated Machu Picchu.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica may not be as cheap as to other nations on our rundown. But with a little planning before the trip will enable you to venture to every part of the nation costing too much. The nation offers volcanoes, beaches and protected forests that house countless creatures, for example, monkeys and quetzal fowls.


Thailand, wonderful with rich culture and custom in its spots, is an extremely cheap nation to travel. You can stroll for quite a long time at the unending road shops on the night markets of Thailand. Purchasing top notch garments for next to no cash and tasting nearby things and organic products is a great part of traveling Thailand.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is appropriately considered 'City of Temples' and contains ancient architectural wonders also.


Traveling India, the nation with the second biggest population in the world is a dream for most explorers. The nation has various states with various geographical qualities. Territories such Shimla of the Himachal Pradesh where you can appreciate snowfall in winter, while Jaipur of Rajasthan is dry and has deserts.

The general population talk various dialects and relate to various distinctive societies and cultures. The people of India are friendly to tourist and are willing to offer assistance. An estimate of around 2,000$ can be spent traveling India.