With the second pick on Thursday night, it was little surprise that Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers selected UCLA phenom Lonzo Ball. The playmaking guard was considered one of the top two prospects in the latest NBA Draft class along with Washington's Markelle Fultz.

While Lonzo has a mellow and quiet nature, his father LaVar Ball continues to get media attention due to his bold claims and statements made during interviews. The latest comments made by Lonzo's dad include a vow that his son will lead the L.A. Lakers to the playoffs as a rookie, and that Lonzo's two brothers will also become members of the team.

LaVar's latest comments

Ahead of the NBA Draft, LaVar was interviewed alongside his son from the draft room crowd. Outspoken as always, LaVar claimed that he knew from "Zeus and Jesus" that his son would hear his name called for the L.A. Lakers as the second pick. Early in the interview, LaVar even tried to answer questions before the interviewer even had finished trying to ask them.

Later on, LaVar appeared in another interview on ESPN, this time wearing his own Big Baller Brand hat in the Lakers' trademark color scheme. When the interviewer mentioned he already had the hat, LaVar retorted, "I'm trying to tell you I knew this was happening before it was happening." LaVar tried to joke that he had this particular hat made when "He [Lonzo] was a baby."

The claims that came next may have been his most outrageous since demanding $1 billion or $3 billion for his son to sign a shoe deal with brands such as Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour.

Ball claimed that Lonzo would help lead the Lakers to the playoffs this coming season and when it happened, LaVar would be wearing an "I Told You So" cap.

Ball brothers to Lakers?

In addition to Lonzo Ball playing for the home team, the proud father believes that his other two sons will also wind up on the L.A. roster. When asked by the interviewer how that would happen, Ball joked, "Ball control." Lonzo's two brothers are LiAngelo and LaMelo.

LiAngelo will be the next Ball boy to head to the UCLA Bruins. In 2019, it will be LaMelo going to play for UCLA, following in the footsteps of his two brothers.

If nothing else, LaVar Ball will bring some entertaining sound bites to the NBA, but many fans are already getting tired of the schtick.

For the most part, Lakers fans will probably embrace him to a degree, but what will matter most is if his son can deliver. If that playoff appearance happens in the coming season, which seems unlikely right now, then maybe LaVar Ball can be considered one clairvoyant basketball dad.