LaVar Ball is the outspoken father of the No. 2 projected overall pick in the 2017 Nba Draft Lonzo Ball. Lavar also has two other sons who have already committed to UCLA in LiAngelo and Lamelo Ball. With hard work and dedication, Lavar has turned his sons into very talented basketball players. In their family documentary titled "Ball So Hard," Lavar showcases videos of him teaching his sons the game of basketball since they were little kids. More importantly, in the short documentary, he teaches his boys family values, how to stick together, and staying dedicated to their craft.

Practice means progression

In any professional sport, practice is a key component when trying to improve your skillset. Having an older mentor that pushes you is just as important. In the case of Lavar Ball, he noticed the talent his sons had since they were babies and has stayed dedicated to assisting them with enhancing their skills every day of their lives every since.

California is known for its gang-banging activities which have led to major crime for many years. However, Cali is also a state that offers many opportunities to become a star in all professions. As a father, the pressure can be tough to keep your children away from the negatives it has to offer. Lavar Ball has dedicated his life to helping his boys live a better life and pursuing their dreams of making it to the NBA.

To do so, Lavar consistently keeps his sons involved in their craft all year round. From practicing every day in their backyard to playing for their high school of Chino Hills, and playing for AAU leagues throughout the course of the summer, the Ball sons stay actively competitive all year round.

Hard work and dedication paying off

Lonzo Ball is the oldest of the Ball brothers. In the short documentary "Ball So Hard," Lavar says "he spent the most time with Lonzo because he is his oldest." That dedication has rubbed off on his other two sons LiAngelo and Lamelo. Lonzo was impressive enough in his one and done season at UCLA by leading the Bruins to a 31-5 record and a sweet-sixteen bid in the NCAA tournament.

Lonzo's high level of play and exposure will make him a top-three pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Lavar has helped a lot with his son's exposure by constantly bragging his son up to the media and fans. He's also created his own brand for his sons to sell and distribute their own apparel. This is a move that has been highly criticized by many fans and sports figures but it has continued to put Lonzo in the spotlight.

Although Lavar continues to face heavy criticism, he also continues to help make his sons' dreams come true. He may have spoken the Los Angeles Lakers into existence for his son Lonzo. Lonzo will likely remain in his hometown of California when he is expected to be drafted by the Lakers with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.