The Los Angeles Lakers will have the No. 2 pick in the upcoming 2017 NBA Draft. While there seemed like a clear consensus for months about which college players would be drafted at the No. 1 and No. 2 slots, now it's looking as if Los Angeles is unsure. At least that is what NBA rumors reports are saying, although they could be realizing some issues could come their way with the draft, and the potential pick. So will the Lakers select Lonzo Ball from UCLA, or do they have another college prospect in mind?

Lonzo Ball to L.A.

As mentioned, Lonzo Ball on the Los Angeles Lakers would help give this struggling franchise a major boost in terms of potential star power and branding.

The UCLA standout is a playmaker, which is what Magic Johnson was well-known for during his NBA career. That would mean Ball would look to distribute first in a league where so many are looked upon as trying to score when they get the rock.

However, there are some potential concerns. For anyone who hasn't been following, Lonzo Ball's father Lavar Ball can be a bit outspoken and bold in his handling of his son's publicity. He's already demanded an outrageously high contract from the Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas companies, to which they politely said, "Thanks, but no thanks." That prompted Ball to create his own brand called Big Baller Brand with a prototype LO2 shoe pre-selling at around $500.

While on its face, nothing is wrong with being a businessman, there is the fact that Lavar has been known to grab the media spotlight somehow, whereas his son has quietly sat off to the side.

The Lakers wouldn't want Lavar becoming a major interference in how they develop their team, make trades or draft picks, and generally how they get Lonzo involved in the offense.

That's one potential issue for the Lakers drafting Ball. The other would be much simpler and that is that the Boston Celtics throw a major curveball and use their No.

1 draft pick to take Ball instead of Markelle Fultz. If so, it would be almost a way of spiting their historic rivals in the league and preventing them from getting Ball. That would leave the Lakers Markelle Fultz, or possibly someone else.

Two other choices?

While many believe the Los Angeles Lakers will take Lonzo Ball as the second draft pick this month, some aren't so convinced. On Thursday, Bleacher Report indicated that ESPN's Chad Ford says Lakers execs are open to considering other picks besides Lonzo Ball.

It's believed that the team is also considering Kansas Jayhawks forward Josh Jackson or Kentucky Wildcats guard De'Aaron Fox with the pick. Jackson would give the team more frontcourt help to go with Ingram and Randle, while Fox would be a speedy point guard who could allow D'Angelo Russell to shift to more of a shooting guard role.

With that said, it would be a major surprise if the Lakers pass up a prospect like Ball. He's a playmaker who can also work on his other deficiencies as he develops in the pro league. He'd become an instant star for Magic Johnson's struggling franchise and could even help lure other stars to play for the Lakers. LeBron James are you ready for another move?

Chad Ford has assigned percentages to the chances that the Lakers will draft each player mentioned. Ball has 40 percent odds, with Jackson at 35 percent odds, and Fox at 25 percent odds.

If Ball slips past No. 2, it would be a major surprise if one of the three teams below the Lakers doesn't snatch him up for their roster.

Lakers fans, which pick do you think the team should take in the NBA Draft with No. 2 overall pick? Is Lonzo Ball the best selection?