By now you’ve no doubt heard the news about Keyshawn Johnson Jr leaving the Nebraska football team. While the initial reports made it seem as though the wide receiver had been suspended by the football team, it looks more and more like it was at least in part, the player’s father that pulled the trigger on a leave of absence until at least January.

Speaking about his son taking some time off, the elder Johnson told the Omaha World Herald the decision was a mutual decision. This is good news for Husker fans who might have thought a suspension by the team meant the end of the talented young receivers’ days in Lincoln.

Nebraska football waiting for Junior to mature

For those who are quite behind the times when it comes to the Keyshawn Johnson Jr saga, he as caught with a small amount of weed in his dorm room. It appears now that was not the first or only time he’s used, or even been caught with the drug. It’s possible the issues have convinced the receivers’ father more drastic actions were necessary.

According to the World-Herald, the elder, former NFL star had harsh words for his son in recent days. “You’re in college now,” Johnson Sr. said. “You’re an adult. You’re not a kid. You take a look at it from afar and let me know how important it is to you.” The publication says Huskers head coach Mike Riley confirmed via text message that the leave of absence as a real thing.

The good news, if there is good news when a team loses one of its more talented players, is that Senior says he and the coaching staff are on the same page. Riley used to be the former USC star’s offensive coordinator and the two have built a strong relationship over the decades.

Nebraska football will wait for the step back

After news of Junior leaving the team, at least until January, the family was largely quiet. Late Tuesday night the potential future Cornhusker star did send out a tweet, which seemed to underline his support of the leave of absence saying, “sometimes you need to take a step back, before you can go forward.”

So Keyshawn Johnson Jr is going to be taking a bit of a step back.

That also means the Calibraska movement will take a bit of a step back as well. The school is still moving full speed ahead with one of the best recruiting classes in decades. While the young receiver would have certainly shored up a think position, when it comes to experience, the loss is far from crippling. The Nebraska football team just has to keep bringing in talent as much as they can.