Kevin Durant is looking to be a part of the four-headed monster in Golden State for more than just this year. League sources say that the former MVP may potentially take less money in order for the Warriors to keep key pieces on their roster. Golden State has a lot of players to worry about this upcoming offseason, as many players could hit the free agent market. Durant seems to like the life he is living in Golden State, as he has put down roots in the Bay Area when it comes to his basketball life and professional life. With him potentially making this financial sacrifice, he can be a part of a possible dynasty in Golden State.

Loyal to the team, not the money

Durant is showing some loyalty to his teammates if he decides to take a pay cut in order to keep key players in Golden State. He and two-time MVP Stephen Curry will be needing contracts this offseason, and with Durant taking less money, the Warriors can sign Curry to a supermax deal that other teams won't be able to offer. That is because of the CBA agreement which allows a team to reward a player who made any of the three All-NBA teams, won defensive player of the year, or MVP 35 percent of the projected $101 million salary cap this offseason. That being said, Curry can get the deal he deserves and even though Durant is a star talent, he knows keeping the team together is more important than the money he could get.

Another great thing about Durant taking a pay cut is that the Warriors can keep certain bench talent on their team as well. Andre Iguodala and Sean Livingston have been great role players for Golden State and if Durant wants a max deal the Warriors would have to renounce their rights to both players. If Durant was to take a pay cut (around $4 million less), the Warriors can use their Bird rights to re-sign Iguodala and Livingston to better deals than other teams in the NBA could offer them.

Durant likely to stick around

Kevin Durant's time in the Bay Area won't be short-lived. If he was to take a pay cut he would sign another two-year deal with a player option for the second year which is similar to what LeBron James did with Cleveland. Durant would then be able to get his max deal and be with Golden State for a long time.

Durant said himself that he wanted to stay in the Bay Area for many years, as he has started a new life in Golden State. He has partnerships with many companies located in that area like YouTube, Acorns, and Postmates. If Durant follows through with his plans to take a pay cut, he could reap the benefits of that as early as next season, as the Warriors will be favorites to win the championship once again.