LeBron James is already a legend in the game of basketball. Many critics were questioning if he and the Cavs could hit that switch when the playoffs came around, and he has answered those questions with a resounding yes. LeBron has dominated the playoffs this year, causing all of us to sit back and admire his greatness. He has led the Cavs to an 8-0 record in this year's postseason and two sweeps of the Raptors and Pacers. LeBron seems to be handling his opponents with ease, dunking and shooting at high percentages.

Playoff LeBron

LeBron in the playoffs this year has been a doubled-edged sword.

LeBron is shooting 66 percent from the paint this postseason while shooting 47 percent from three point range. To put this in perspective, Shaq's best postseason shooting percentage in the paint was 66 percent, and Steph Curry's best postseason shooting percentage from three was 46 percent. LeBron is having a postseason like Shaq in the paint, and Curry from deep. This means he is almost unstoppable. Before their game four matchup on Sunday, LeBron James had the highest PPG average at age 32 and older throughout his first seven playoff games. LeBron's efficient shooting from the perimeter is a death wish for opposing defenses.

LeBron is averaging 34 points, 9 boards, 7 assists, and 2 steals per game.

He is leading the Cavs in all categories aside from rebounds. If this isn't utter dominance, I'm not sure what is. James also registered his sixth straight game scoring 30+ points, which shows that he is shooting exceptionally well. James seems like he is enjoying the playoffs, showing much enthusiasm, and even jokingly picking up a beer.

LeBron's dominance in the playoffs began back in game five of the Finals last year. The Cavs would be smart to ride the wave of LeBron as long as they can, as the King is showing no mercy to his opponents.

Rest is key

What has benefitted LeBron James in the playoffs is the amount of rest he has been getting. LeBron James rested the final two games of the Regular Season.

He had a good amount of rest entering the playoffs against the Pacers and it showed, as he managed to carry the Cavs in most of those games. After the series sweep of the Pacers, the Cavs had a week of rest before they played Toronto in the Conference semis. You saw the benefits of that rest in the first quarter of Game 1, as the Cavs looked sharper and quicker than their opponent. Many critics jumped on James and the Cavs for their resting of players in the regular season, but they knew what they were doing. They were making sure they would peak at the right time and their plan is working to perfection. Now the Cavs have another long time period of rest as the Wizards and Celtics series is tied at two games each.

LeBron James has been the pilot on this plane for the Cavs, as they are flying through the eastern conference. They will have to face the Celtics or Wizards in the conference finals, but I'm sure King James isn't sweating them at all. He has respect for his opponents, but the way he is playing this postseason, he doesn't fear anyone.