The Green Bay Packers know they are going to need all the defensive help they can get if they want to make the Super Bowl this year. Among the help they've already enlisted is rookie linebacker Vince Biegel.

Unfortunately for the Packers, the linebacker, who played his college days at Wisconsin has been hampered by injuries for most of the offseason. As of now, Biegel has not managed to attend more than a few practices. The defender suffered a bad foot injury while playing for the Badgers and reports indicate he reinjured that foot earlier this spring.

The team appears ready to give him the time he needs to get back on the field.

Packers holding out hope

While the team appears to be making plans without its rookie linebacker, they are also holding out hope he could take part in practices sooner, rather than later. "He'll be ready to go hopefully in training camp," head coach Mike McCarthy told ESPN. At the same time, there has been very little indication he will indeed be ready.

Even McCarthy seems to be facing reality. The coach said “in camp” because even he doesn’t really believe Biegel is going to be ready to go when training camp first kicks off. The Packers might be looking at Biegel starting this camp on the PUP list. The good news is that any player that goes on that list in the preseason, can also be taken off that list during the preseason.

Defense wins championships

It’s obvious why the team is willing to wait and see just how much Biegel can bring this year. There had been talk the franchise was going after someone like Elvis Dumervil, but he ended up signing with the San Francisco 49ers.

That leaves a rather massive hole when it comes to defensive stars McCarthy has to work with.

Biegel is one of those draft picks the team hopes can step right in. Julius Peppers and Dantone Jones departed through free agency and that leaves Clay Matthews and Nick Perry as the only real veteran defenders.

It’s clear that Biegel knows he has a real opportunity to make a name for himself. His coaches have said he’s doing what he can to remain a part of the team, even if he can’t do the physical workouts just yet.

The rookie has been studying plays and the way the team operates. Biegel knows he’s going to have to hit the ground running once he is up and around and healthy. When he’s clearly to play, he’ll need to show he can pick up the defense quickly if he wants to make an impact for Green Bay by the time the season starts.