While the Green Bay Packers still appear to be the front-runners for the eventual home of Elvis Dumervil, the former Baltimore Raven remains unsigned. At the moment, it's unclear whether or not the man who is sitting at 99 career sacks over a 10-year career is weighing options or whether teams are dragging their feet. Dumervil, who has played defensive end and most recently, outside linebacker for two teams in his career could also be returning to one of those two teams before it's all said and done.

Green Bay Packers look like the best fit for Elvis Dumervil

Ever since the Baltimore Ravens cut Dumervil loose, there has been a lot of talk about the player heading to Green Bay. It certainly makes sense to most fans of the team who saw Julius Peppers depart this offseason. Peppers was the team's designated pass rusher a year ago and had enough of an impact there was some talk the Packers might bring him back. Peppers' return never materialized.

For a while, it appeared the team was going to go in an entirely different direction or replace that role from within. Then the Ravens decided they were going to part with Dumervil and a marriage between the defender and the Packers seemed inevitable.

That inevitability still exists weeks later but the fact that he hasn't signed has some worried he might be headed elsewhere. It's safe to assume the market for Dumervil isn't similar to that of Eddie Lacey or Adrian Peterson. It does appear there are at least a few teams who would welcome the sack master should he decide on them instead.

Broncos and Ravens look to be Packers' biggest foes for Dumervil

While the Ravens have cut Dumervil loose, rumors around the NFL say Baltimore would be very happy if they could bring the linebacker back, with a reduced contract. It certainly makes sense. Dumervil's career low in sacks was last year, where he recorded just three while playing only eight games.

Just two years ago, he recorded a whopping 17 sacks which matched a career high. The Ravens would love to be able to get him healthy and pay him a premium.

The third team, said to be going up against the Packers is the Denver Broncos. This team too makes sense not just because he started his career with the Broncos but because they're in need of someone who can actually get to the quarterback. For the moment, the three Team Race appears to be more of a waiting game, though someone like the Packers could step up and get something done quickly.