As we approach game one of the highly anticipated 2017 NBA Finals, Draymond Green has opened his mouth and blown some trash talk the direction of LeBron James and the Eastern Conference champion, Cleveland Cavaliers.

Game one will tip off at the Oracle Arena on Thursday night. It will be televised on ABC, and should be viewed by millions of people. The matchup between LeBron, Kyrie, Love, Thompson and D-Will going up against Durant, Curry, Thompson, Green and Iguodala brings a lot of joy to the majority of the NBA fan base, and should be a great battle to watch.

And if this matchup needed any more fuel to add to the fire, Draymond has added some anyway with his recent comments.

Draymond suggests LeBron won't win a ring this year

Golden State Warriors all-star power forward, Draymond Green has suggested that his team will win the 2017 NBA championship with a few recent statements. After being asked if King James can one day be labeled the 'greatest of all time', Green said:

“He can have that title... he just can’t have this ring."

“Our goal is not to make everyone say, ‘Hey Lebron is the greatest player of all time,'” Draymond added, “He is having an amazing career and he’s still doing amazing things. I could care less if anyone says LeBron is the G.O.A.T.

The only thing I care about is, they can’t say LeBron is the 2017 NBA champion."

Draymond wants to get to the point where he can say, "we won a championship". That's what he says to he the goal for himself and the Golden State Warriors.

Draymond Green seems already have planned how the 2017 NBA Finals will go for his team, but this may be a huge mistake for the number 23.

We've seen how LeBron has responded to trash talk in the past, and has made it his duty to prove them wrong on the court. Draymond better hope he hasn't dug a hole he can't get out of, these words might have woken the King.

The series will be competitive

There are a few question marks heading into the 2017 NBA Finals series, but there is one thing we can be sure of, and that's Draymond Green's outlandish nature and emotion.

We can expect to see a lot of talk and emotion from Green on the court, and the same could be the same for Cavaliers forward, LeBron James.

During the 2016 Finals, in game four, Draymond and LeBron had a face off on the court when the ugliness of their emotions got the better of them. Something similiar may happen in this years Finals series, as LBJ is hoping to capture his fourth NBA title, and Draymond wants to get in the way and stop him. Either way, it should be an exciting series to watch for the fans, and should be fun to compete in for the players.