Isiah Thomas is one of the greatest point guards of all time, with 12 All-Star appearances, two championships, and a Finals MVP award to back that statement up. Averaging over 19 points, 9 assists and almost two steals per game for his career and finishing as an All-NBA First Team selection three times, it's safe to say, Isiah "Zeke" Thomas is a hall of famer.

A lot of conversation has been filling the NBA media recently, and it has been the conversation between LeBron James and Michael Jordan as to who's the greatest of all time. There are a lot of different opinions being discussed, a lot of different people talking about.

But it was an opinion from Pistons great Isiah Thomas that caught the eye of many.

Zeke calls LeBron the greatest of all time

Isiah Thomas had a phenomenal NBA career, as we all know. But nowadays he appears on TV talking about basketball and the NBA, rather than competing in it. He has always been a fan of LeBron and been very complimentary of his game. But what Thomas said recently might be the biggest statement he's ever made about King James.

LeBron's house was recently vandalised with a racial slur, and James spoke up about it, and discussed how racism is still relevant, and how he as an African American figure will continue to speak up about it, and try to make things right. This is something Isiah felt very connected to, and ultimately brought him to the conclusion of LeBron James being the greatest of all time.

Thomas credited the way LeBron uses his voice to speak up about problems in modern society, and added,

"The one thing that makes me proud about this moment for LeBron James. In this moment right here, he has moved, in my opinion, into the greatest ever.

Why? Because what he's done in the game and what he's been doing outside of the game.

What LeBron James just did today, for this generation and generations to come. On this day, what he just stood for, what he just did socially, with that press conference.

He's the greatest player to ever play the game."

This is a huge statement

A lot of NBA legends do not want to label LeBron James as the greatest of all time right now, as they feel he still has ways to go before he moves past Michael Jordan in the discussion.

But Isiah Thomas, being one of the all time great guards, has spoken up with his honest opinion. Zeke credited both LeBron's on and off the court performances to make his final decision, identifying King James as the best to ever do it.

Whether you agree with Isiah or not, you would have to agree that not just on the court, but off the court, LeBron James is the definition of a great athlete, and someone young people should aspire to be like.