A lot of talk in the media in recent years has been the discussion of 'who is the greatest player of all time?'. And many people believe it's a battle between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. As LeBron heads to his seventh straight NBA Finals and looks to attain his fourth NBA championship, the discussion remains a very hot topic. Tracy Mcgrady was asked about his thoughts on the subject, and he certainly gave it.

T-Mac had a historic, hall of fame worthy NBA career. From 1997 till 2013, Tracy McGrady put on a spectacle. 7-time NBA All-Star, 2-time All-NBA First Team, 3-time All-NBA Second Team, 2-time All-NBA Third Team and 2-time Scoring Champion are just some of the biggest accolades of Tracy's career.

Tracy McGrady talks about LeBron vs. MJ

Tracy McGrady gave his insight into the discussion of LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan. T-Mac was asked if he could choose one of the great players to starts a franchise with, who would he choose? Tracy said:

“I think if you want to start a team, you’re going to go with LeBron because of him being able to take lesser talent and elevate those guys… Because of his pass-first mentality, being able to elevate his team in terms of their style of play."

T-Mac also threw some shade at Michael Jordan, while crediting the teammates' first mindset of LeBron James, Tracy said, “Mike is out there trying to get 30 and 40 points. He’s not trying to make his team better".

McGrady suggests that King James would have his team playing at a higher level overall, which in turn would make the team better.

Jordan might score 40 points, and hit a bunch of crazy shots, but his team may not be as successful. On the other hand, King James would make sure everyone is playing to their highest level so the team can be better as a unit.

Can LeBron eclipse Michael Jordan?

There a lot of people in the NBA world that believe that if LeBron James can lead his team to a fourth NBA title this year, against the Golden State Warriors with their superstar Kevin Durant, LBJ will eclipse Jordan all time. LeBron James is facing a team more talented than any team Michael Jordan had to face in his six NBA Finals so that the challenge will be much tougher for The Chosen One.

Either way, this will be one of the most discussed topics in basketball for years and years to come. Opinions will be tossed around here and there. Everyone will have their own thoughts about the topic, which should create a fun discussion for the future.