Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat were finally able to part ways. The Heat are able to remove Bosh's substantial salary from the team's books and Bosh can now find out if he still has a future in the NBA. Both positions are comprehensible.

The Heat could no longer let the incertitude about Bosh's availability affect the team and Bosh had no reason to ignore the $52.1 million he was owed over the next two seasons. Bosh wishes to leave his health troubles behind and find a new home in the NBA. However, the greater question is: will any NBA team that the risk of signing him?

Chris Bosh wants to return

Chris Bosh's chances of returning to the NBA are slim to none. It must be difficult for an All-Star of his caliber to accept defeat earlier than anticipated in his career. The 33-year-old could be a valuable addition to any contender if healthy. However, the Miami Heat doctors couldn't clear him to play, and that is probably the trend Bosh will experience with potential suitors around the league.

Chris Bosh, a month ago, went on "Larry King Now" and was asked about whether he thought could still play in the NBA again. Bosh went on to say, "Yeah, I think so," while also noting that he understood the Heat's position in terms of their willingness to rid themselves of Bosh's big salary.

Chris Bosh's life is far more important went on to speak with different front offices in the league about Chris Bosh's health situation and the possibility that an NBA team, apart from the Miami Heat, could attempt to sign him. “There will be interest, but the health risks outweigh the upside for most organizations,” said one Western Conference executive.

Another Eastern Conference executive highlighted the fact that it will be improbable for any team to find a doctor that would be willing to face the risk of clearing a player with that unfortunate condition to play. Who knows what could happen if Bosh plays and, in that event, any misfortune would mark the conscious and career of any doctor for life.

Chris Bosh should reconsider his desire to return to action. The allure of continuing to play the sport that you love at the highest level is enticing and difficult to elude. However, there are far more important things in life. If his health situation does not drastically change in the near future, then it would be irresponsible for any team to call him up in order to convince him to play. The possible consequences outweigh any benefits that both Bosh and his potential new team might receive after joining forces.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Bosh publicly expressed how this situation has helped him appreciate other aspects of himself and life without being an athlete. Being around his family more often has been important for him.

Additionally, we have seen him on TNT's show, commentating on the NBA and past experiences as a player, so that could be a route he might be interested in taking sooner than later. Basketball fans should be wishing Chris Bosh the best, and that simply means seeing him off the basketball courts.