Just a few days ago, Dion Waiters decided to opt out of his contract with the miami Heat and become a free agent. Waiters, who had the best season of his career with the Heat, will be able to pick which team he wants to sign with as he will not be a restricted free agent. However, he made it clear that he wants to stay in Miami, and he is also willing to give the Heat a hometown discount for his services.

The 25-year old shooting guard had a $3 million player option for the next year and he refused it. He is expected to get paid a lot more and it will be interesting to see how much the Heat will pay him.

Waiters will get at least three times more money, and some people predict that he could get as much as $16 million a year.

Waiters would give Miami a discount

Even though he was only 24 last summer, Waiters did not attract many suitors in the free agency. At the end, the shooting guard decided to give Miami a chance, and he turned out to be very good. Waiters was the third-best player on the Heat and Miami simply revived his career, making him one of the top free agent guards. This summer, there is no doubt that many teams will want to sign him, but Dion wants to stay in Miami.

Dion Waiters recently appeared on 7 Sports Xtra where he said he'd be willing to give a discount to the Heat. "It depends.

Yeah, I would, though. But, like I said, it depends, just being the right thing, at the right time. It's just got to be right. It's got to be equal," said the shooting guard.

Waiters also said that it's exciting to go through free agency and see what the process looks like. He realizes he's worked hard and it's definitely exciting for him to be one of the top free agents.

While he is not a superstar, Waiters is a great scorer and he is capable of leading team's offense. His value is high considering how good and young he is.

Hassan Whiteside believes Dion will stay

Thanks to the agreement with Chris Bosh, the Miami Heat will have nearly $40 million to work with this summer. Beside Dion Waiters, the Heat will also look to re-sign James Johnson, who was a big piece of the team last season.

Heat center Hassan Whiteside believes both of them will stay in Miami. "I'm very confident. I'm not even thinking about them being gone," said Whiteside.

While there is no guarantee that Dion Waiters will stay in Miami, it would be very unlikely that he leaves. He had a great season with the Heat and he'll definitely want to see what's his ceiling. If he can stay healthy, he has a good chance to lead the Heat in scoring next season as he might become the first option on offense.