For baseball fans across America, June 3Rd, 2017 will be remembered and talked about for a while now. While some of the milestones achieved that day were expected to happen sooner or later, some were completely unexpected. To sum it all up, there was a no-hitter, a future Cooperstown member hitting his 600th home run, seven grand slams and a rare pick-off.

Albert hits 600

One of the biggest moments that day happened late at night in Anaheim when Angels' Albert Pujols hit his 600th career home run off Twins pitcher Ervin Santana. The 363 foot blast down the left field line was ironically one of the seven grand slams that day as he drove in his 1,859th run by the time he hit his foot on home plate.

His entire team came out to home plate to greet him with hugs, high fives and handshakes as he added another section to his Hall of Fame resume.

He is only one of nine people to hit 600 plus home runs in the major leagues. Pujols (37) is one of/if not the best hitter of the 21st century. A ten-time all star, he has played since 2001 with the Cardinals and Angels and has a career average of .308, an on-base percentage of .390 and on-base + slugging of .959; 2,876 hits and seven years of 40+ homers. By the time he is done he very likely will have 3,000 hits if he plays until he is 40 or so.

Volquez no-hits Diamondbacks

The first no-hitter of the 2017 season came at the hands of 33-year old Edinson Volquez of the Miami Marlins.

The veteran right-hander surrendered only two walks, no hits, no runs and struck out ten on only 98 pitches. This was Volquez's first career no-hitter and he accomplished this feat against one of the best offensive teams in the National League which made it even more surprising.

One of the most emotional parts of his no-hitter was how he dedicated his performance to former Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura and former Marlins star Jose Fernandez, who both have passed away tragically the past year.

He even talked about on instagram how he missed Ventura, who was his teammate on the 2015 champion Royals.

Volquez has bounced around the majors in his 13-year career, playing with seven different teams.

He is 91-86 with a 4.41 career ERA.

Grand slams galore

A total of seven grand slam home runs were hit on Saturday around MLB; each one hit by a different player. In addition to Pujols' 600th, the list includes Cubs' Kyle Schwarber, Brewers' Travis Shaw, Dodgers' Chris Taylor, Braves' Matt Adams, Mariners' Mike Zunino and Rockies' Ian Desmond.

This was an MLB record for grand slams by different players in one day. The Dodgers and Brewers were facing each other that day so two of the grand slams happen in the same game. Schwarber who was mightily struggling with the Cubs hit his that turned a 3-1 deficit into a 5-3 lead and the Cubs eventually won by that same score.

Zunino hit the seventh and final one of the day against the Rays' Alex Cobb at Safeco Field.

Lester picks off a guy

Seems kind of odd to talk about an MLB pitcher picking off someone at first, but for three-time all star Jon Lester it is a rare feat. Despite being one of the most successful pitchers in baseball the past decade, Lester has a real problem throwing over to the bases. He feels uncomfortable doing it and end ups under-handing the ball over or just letting the catcher take the ball and throw. Sometimes when he tries to throw to first it goes anywhere but the first baseman's glove.

This fact often makes other teams more aggressive on the base paths when they reach versus Lester. Cardinals' Tommy Pham on Saturday had a huge lead on Lester, trying to take advantage of his struggles to throw to first.

Lester finally fired a perfect strike to first baseman Anthony Rizzo and Pham was out by plenty. The crowd roared and twitter got a good laugh from it.

It is very rare overall to see a historic day like June 3rd, 2017 in baseball, and this day will last in the memories of many.