According to reports, Andre Drummond is once again on the trade market. Detroit Pistons made him available and the big man could soon be traded to another team if they get the offer that works for them. Drummond was also available at the trade deadline, but the Pistons didn't receive any decent offers for him. However, that could change now as their big man can be a difference maker for many other NBA teams.

Andre Drummond is one of the best rebounders in the league and the Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the worst rebounding teams. There is no doubt that the center would have a big impact on them and would allow the team to get numerous second-chance opportunities.

However, the Cavaliers might get turned off by his contract, which is huge and could be a big obstacle.

Drummond would be a great player in Cleveland

Andre Drummond averaged 13.6 points and 13.8 rebounds last season, but his Pistons failed to make the playoffs. Even though he is a great player, it seems that the Pistons can't be successful if he's a centerpiece of the team. This could be the reason why they are trading him, and the Cavaliers might trade for him while keeping important pieces of their team.

The Cavaliers ranked 19th in the league in rebounding differential as they were outrebounded by 0.4 rebounds per game during the regular season. Kevin Love was their leading rebounder with 11.1 boards on average.

Tristan Thompson, who received a big contract mostly because of his rebounding skills, averaged just 9.2 rebounds per game and was disappointing in the NBA Finals.

Drummond will turn 24 this August and his contract expires in four years.

If the Cavaliers trade for him, he could be their long-term option at the center position, and could also further develop his game and turn into a superstar.

Cleveland might not be willing to take his contract

Last summer, Andre Drummond was signed to a five-year contract worth over $127 million. He will be paid $23.8 million next season and his contract will eventually reach $28.7 million per year in the final year.

Even with only eight players on the roster, the Cavaliers are already above salary cap and Drummond's contract could be a big problem for them.

If they decide to trade for him, the best option would be giving up Thompson and Iman Shumpert. By doing this, the Cavaliers would save almost $3 million in salary cap and the Pistons would get two young players who can be decent starters.