Blake Griffin will be meeting with the Phoenix Suns on Saturday, July 1, when the NBA free agency signing period begins. Blake has been with the Los Angeles Clippers for his entire NBA career and will have a chance to see what he is worth as a free agent for the first time. According to AZ Central, the Clippers plan to make signing Griffin a priority, but the recent trade of All-Star point guard Chris Paul to Houston might make that difficult." They also reported the "Clippers could offer a max contract of five years for $175 million. The Suns could offer a max deal of four years for $130 million."

Griffin has been with the Los Angeles Clippers since 2009 when he was drafted by them as the No.

1 overall pick. Griffin ended up sitting out of his expected rookie season after he suffered a broken knee cap. The following season Blake wasted no time proving his skills to the rest of the league by winning the Rookie of the Year award. That same season Griffin would also win the NBA's Dunk Contest. Once his talent was put on display, the Clippers would reward him by acquiring All-Star point guard Chris Paul via trade during the 2011 season.

Time spent in L.A. and team's future

Alongside Paul, Blake would help lead the Clippers to the playoffs for six consecutive seasons. However, Griffin has continued to be plagued by injuries that have hurt the team's chances of being a real championship contender at the most important times.

Now that CP3 has decided to join the Houston Rockets this off-season, Griffin's decision to move on could be determined by what the Clippers plan to do in free agency to replace Paul and what new pieces they are willing to add around him.

What Suns have to offer

The Phoenix Suns are a team that has a lot of young talent on their roster.

Eric Bledsoe continues to put up solid numbers at the point guard position for them. Bledsoe's backcourt running mate, Devin Booker, has proven that he can score the basketball well by posting a career-high 71 points in a game towards the end of the season. The Suns have seemed to have found their small forward for the future when they drafted Josh Jackson from Kansas University in this year's NBA Draft.

Adding Griffin to an already talented young core will give the Suns the necessary experience needed to become a playoff contender in the Western Conference. If he decides to sign, Phoenix should instantly become a place of interest from more star players to want to join the franchise during the free agency period this summer.