The Los Angeles Clippers took a 2-1 series lead in their NBA Eastern Conference pairing with the Utah Jazz but may have paid a hefty price. Star forward Blake Griffin was the unfortunate casualty, suffering a bruised right big toe in the first half of the Clippers 111-106 victory.

Griffin underwent the necessary tests to assess the gravity of the injury. Initial x-rays turned out to be negative, and the all-star forward will be re-evaluated after more tests are done. He sustained the injury with 3:53 left in the second quarter, limping after making a layup.

Chris Paul to the rescue

With Griffin out in the second half, Chris Paul stepped up in the absence of the 28-year-old player. Paul finished with 34 points, seven rebounds, and ten assists. Going forward major adjustments need to be done if the Blake Griffin injury turns out to be more serious than expected.

Paul weighed in on the possibility of losing Griffin moving forward, pointing out how they needed to find other offensive ways with no low-post presence.

"Just his leadership, it's just a different feeling when he's on the court," said Paul. If Blake Griffin is unable to return, Los Angeles will be missing his numbers of 21.6 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 4.9 assists.

Clippers clueless on Blake Griffin timetable

The Clippers are expected to apply those adjustments in game four if Griffin is ruled out. But the length of his absence in the lineup is what the Clippers are worried about.

Head coach Doc Rivers has no answer for now as though he is hoping that the Blake Griffin injury will not be a significant hump.

The Clippers are already dealing with enough criticism for their performance this season and losing the power player only adds more to their woes.

Should the Clippers advance to the next round, they will more or less face the streaking Golden State Warriors. Blake Griffin could be a major factor against the Warriors, referring to his post-up game that will create matchup problems.

The Warriors are dealing with an injury to Kevin Durant as well. Durant went down due to a calf injury in the second half of Golden State’s 121-109 win over the Portland Trail Blazers. He sat out game two but has been aching to return to action.

Unless warranted, Durant could be sitting out the rest of the first-round series. Durant could return in the next round against the Clippers, with or without Blake Griffin. DeAndre Jordan could pose problems unless they fall into the run-and-gun game of the Warriors.