WWE "Raw" roster member Braun Strowman will be out of action for several weeks due to needing a procedure done to fix some issues. The monstrous heel is known for his recent feud with Roman Reigns which has included several ambulance situations. Here are the latest details on Braun Strowman's injury and when WWE fans might expect to see him back on "Raw" or in the WWE wrestling ring.

Braun's surgery

It's being reported by multiple sources that Strowman is officially out of action after today's WWE "Raw" taping in London, England. The Big Man was involved in a singles match against Kalisto again on the latest episode.

In the latest encounter, Braun had one arm tied behind his back to face the smaller opponent.

To write Strowman off television for a bit, the WWE had Roman Reigns show up to attack Braun during the match. It ended with no real finish but Reigns kept attacking Strowman's arm to work the injury angle. Reigns even used a steel chair to hit Braun's arm against the steel steps. Strowman ended up fleeing from Reigns and that could be the last he's seen on "Raw" for several weeks.

Now Braun will reportedly undergo a minor procedure to fix some complications he has with his elbow. The timetable on his WWE return is anywhere from four to eight weeks.

What about the PPVs?

As mentioned, Braun Strowman had been part of an ongoing feud with Roman Reigns.

The two had several pay-per-view matches with the most recent coming at last month's WWE "Payback." Strowman won that match by pinfall and then attacked Reigns again after the match with steel steps. The two ended up in battle backstage where Braun rushed through the back door of an ambulance and tore it off the hinges. Moments later, Reigns smashed the only other door on the back of the vehicle against Braun multiple times.

The storyline injury that Braun was said to have was a torn rotator cuff.

The next WWE "Raw" pay-per-view in line was next month's "Extreme Rules" which takes place on June 4th from Baltimore, Maryland. Most fans and analysts were expecting that Braun would take on Roman Reigns in a special stipulation at that PPV. However, this recent news clearly means WWE creative will have to scrap those plans.

There's also the "Great Balls of Fire" pay-per-view coming in July, and Braun may be back in time for that one. However, if WWE creative is changing things up, he may not be involved in the same sort of match as he was going to before this news hit.