Fans in the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday night were on hand to witness a live battle for the Wwe World Championship. At WWE "Backlash" 2017 pay-per-view it was Jinder Mahal as the No. 1 contender facing Randy Orton fo the title belt.

With The Singh Brothers at ringside, could the challenger come up with his first title win in his career, or would Orton continue his reign? Here's a look at the Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton match results for "Backlash" 2017 PPV.

Orton vs. Mahal recap

After their ring entrances and introductions, Jinder tried to have a conference near the ropes with The Singh Brothers.

However, "The Viper" was quick to strike as Jinder's back was turned to him. He attacked Mahal around the ring and then tossed him to the outside before chasing the Singh Brothers around the ringside area. Randy also tossed Jinder over the commentators' table before bringing his opponent back to the ring.

Jinder Mahal was clearly fired up and the bell soon rang after he got to his feet. He went on the early attack with Orton attempting a quick RKO. Jinder escaped it and got to the outside, only to be flattened by Orton on the floor. He managed to make a comeback after targeting Orton's shoulder against the ring apron LED board on the outside.

Jinder would continue to work over Randy Orton's shoulder in the ring. However, Randy managed to gain an advantage on the outside as he dropped Mahal back first onto the commentators' table. Jinder fell over onto the chairs and to the floor. He eventually regained himself to get back into the ring and attack Orton for control of the match.

Orton would buy some recovery time when he avoided a charging Jinder Mahal and made sure Jinder went shoulder-first into the ring post. The two fought to the top of the corner area with Orton trying for the Superplex.

Jinder knocked him down to his feet, but Orton punched back to crotch Mahal on the top, then climbed back up and connected with the Superplex.

Who is the World Champion?

So who would walk out of Allstate Arena as the WWE World Champion? The two competitors continued to give their all inside the ring with the championship belt on the line. Orton was clearly favoring his left shoulder as he delivered his trademark moves on the No. 1 contender. That included the draping DDT from the middle ropes to the crowd's delight. Orton dropped to the mat to set up for the RKO but a wise Jinder went to the outside to avoid it.

Randy Orton went out to grab Jinder only to be confronted by The Singh Brothers.

He attacked both of them, but Jinder was back up and shoved Orton shoulder-first into the ring post several times before putting him back in the ring. As Jinder went back in, Orton hit the quick RKO. Unfortunately, The Singh Brothers helped pull Jinder to the outside. Orton would get irate.

Things got hectic from there, as an enraged Orton grabbed The Singh Brothers from the apron and delivered a double draping DDT on them. However, his challenger was waiting in the ring behind him and grabbed Orton for the Cobra Clutch slam. With that Mahal delivered a finisher to get the winning pinfall to become new WWE World Champion!

The finish left plenty of fans in complete shock as shown by the cameras of fans in the Allstate Arena. Mahal went out into the crowd to gloat with his newly-won WWE championship belt.