The Toronto Raptors were swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers, ending their season in disappointing fashion with a busy offseason now ahead of them. The Raptors thought that the trade deadline deals they made were going to help them enormously improve during the playoffs, but they were eliminated earlier than last year. The team’s defense wasn’t as good as expected, and Kyle Lowry’s unfortunate injury completely destroyed their chances of winning.

Their own free agents

Toronto’s biggest concern this summer is going to be Lowry’s free agency, as he is expected to decline his player option to become an unrestricted free agent.

Once in the open market, there could be a chance that he leaves the team after a handful of unsuccessful seasons. The Raptors will obviously deteriorate if they lose Lowry.

The franchise’s mid-season acquisitions of P.J. Tucker and Serge Ibaka will also become unrestricted Free Agents. Ibaka is expected to demand a lot of money this summer, which may force the Raptors to let him go. Tucker may also seek plenty of money, which Toronto may be unwilling to give. Patrick Patterson will become a free agent as well, but he could be retained for an inexpensive amount. Norman Powell and Fred VanVleet have team options on their contracts, which the Raptors will most likely exercise.

Free agents to pursue

Say the Raptors lose Lowry and Ibaka during free agency, they could potentially retool by signing Blake Griffin or Paul Millsap, who would keep the Raptors relevant while changing the entire outlook of the team. They could also consider looking at point guard replacements, such as Jeff Teague and Jrue Holiday.

The Raptors are hoping not to get to that point, but there is a good chance of it occurring.

Is Dwane Casey’s job safe?

Another huge area the Raptors will have to address this offseason is their coaching staff. Dwane Casey had gradually improved Toronto each year since joining in 2011 until this season. The team slightly declined, and they didn’t experience a long playoff run.

With six years of shortcomings, the Raptors may seriously consider relieving Coach Casey from his duties. Obviously, the organization will evaluate the coaching staff before making any final decisions, but it’s clear that the team hasn’t accomplished anything noteworthy since he took over.

The offseason may present a major shakeup north of the border, with significant pieces leaving and other notable players coming in. The Raptors will probably not look to rebuild but instead retool with a whole new roster surrounding DeMar DeRozan. It just seems like most of their free agents are unlikely to remain on the team, which calls for a makeover.