Kyle Korver is proving that at age 36, he can still contribute on a finals-caliber team. The Cleveland Cavaliers have just swept the Toronto Raptors for the second sweep this postseason. "On a roll" would be putting it lightly. This team has been plowing through their opponents and is now looking ahead to the next series. However, one of the most underrated players in the league is making one of the biggest impacts of the playoffs. This article examines three reasons why Kyle Korver is the "X-Factor."

Kyle Korver's regular season stats

Korver flew under the radar this season and that definitely didn't stop him from bringing it to the playoffs.

Let's take a look at his key stats from 2017. First off, he ranked 22nd in the most three pointers made this season. While that number does not stand out, you also have to take into account that he only averaged 26.2 minutes per game. That is outstanding for someone that averaged playing time of barely over half the game. If you were to ask 10 people who they think is the most accurate three point shooter in the league, 9 of them would say, 'Steph Curry.' All nine would be wrong. Korver led the league in three point percentage at .451. Curry, the former MVP ranked 15th at .411.

2017 NBA playoffs

Well here we are, and somehow Korver is still not getting the minutes he probably deserves. He is averaging even fewer minutes per game than he was in the regular season.

However, he is making an even bigger splash. The more shots he takes, the more points he gets. Clearly, that makes sense for most athletes but Korver is different. In the series against the Pacers, he never scored more than 12 points. That sounds like bench player numbers but keep in mind he only took seven shots, including zero free throws.

Arguably one of the most proficient players at the free throw line only stepped foot there once in the series against the Pacers.

Now let's skip ahead to the Raptors. In the last two games, he's been averaging 25 minutes per game with 16 points per game. He also has three blocks and eight rebounds through those two games. You want to know why his numbers look this good?

It's because the Cavaliers are giving him more minutes and giving him the ball. In the first half of Game 4 against the Raptors, Korver scored 16 points with four threes in just 12 minutes. Those are numbers you like to see from an "X-Factor." To top it all off, Korver passed Steve Nash for 20th most made threes in NBA history.

The game changer

When Korver steps onto the court, the opposing defense better change to accommodate for him. Think about this for a second. A team has to work tirelessly to prepare for LeBron James who can drive the lane and score almost everytime. Now throw a Kyle Korver into the mix who led the league in a three point percentage. That is tough to prepare for.

The Cavaliers could be on their way to their third finals in a row against the Golden State Warriors.

Of course the Warriors are known for their three point shooting. That being said, why not play one of the most prolific three point shooters in the league against them? Hopefully, Cleveland's head coach Tyronn Lue will come to his senses and actually give him some real minutes. Nothing against Lue, he has "one of the toughest jobs" in the entire NBA. It should be interesting to see the impact Korver will have in the near future. My guess is, if he is given the minutes, he will be the "X-Factor."


Kyle Korver has been one of Cleveland's biggest mid-season acquisitions since Andrew Miller. Yes, it is a different sport but they both have had a very serious impact on their team. Korver could be the answer to the Cavaliers' prayers. No, he is no Kevin Durant, but he has the potential to provide just the right spark to help his team. When he is on, it is hard to stop him, just like another Cavalier we know (LeBron James).