The Golden State Warriors have had some time off to rest up after they swept the Trailblazers in the first round of the NBA playoffs. The rest was needed, as Kevin Durant is battling a calf injury and head coach Steve Kerr is out indefinitely due to complications from back surgery in 2015. In their second round matchup, they face the Utah Jazz who just escaped the L.A Clippers, beating them in a crucial game seven. The Warriors aren't too excited to be playing against the Jazz for a reason you might not expect. Some of the Warriors' players cite poor nightlife, or lack thereof, as the reason behind not wanting to face Utah.

No Nightlife

The Warriors will have to play in Utah a minimum of two times this series, in games three and four. They might have to play there again in game six if the series lasts that long. Players have leisure time after games, and Matt Barnes isn't looking forward to the off time in Utah.

Matt Barnes told ESPN, "There's no nightlife in Utah. Obviously, as players, you want to be able to have a little bit of a nightlife."

Nightlife is a big part of an NBA player's schedule, as they go out after games to have a little fun. In the NBA playoffs with the games meaning more and stressing players out, that nightlife could possibly be a form of therapy for the players.

Andre Iguodala also chimed in on Utah's nightlife, telling ESPN, "The problem with Utah is that you're just sitting there and your mind is, like, dead.

Utah, it can kind of lull you to sleep. And then you've slept too long or I'm bored out of my mind and now you got to try to pump yourself up for the game"

The Warriors shouldn't be too focused on the nightlife, as the Jazz are a team that can surprise you and beat the bricks off you if you are lacking energy. Joe Johnson is the king of isolation and the play of Gordon Hayward and Rudy Gobert has the Jazz feeling confident coming into the series.


The Warriors have been out of action for a while, so they will need focus for their games against the Jazz. Many of the Warriors' players might be concerned about their post-game plans in Utah, but the leaders of the team couldn't care less about what they do in their spare time.

Draymond Green has increased his red meat intake to prepare for Utah's atmosphere, but other than that he's not worried about nightlife, saying to ESPN, "Nobody worried about nightlife during the playoffs."

Stephen Curry doesn't seem concerned about the nightlife, as he is taking a more focused approach to the game, telling ESPN, "if you're worried about extracurricular during the playoffs and that's your priority, then you got it twisted already.

It's a business trip wherever we end up going."

The Warriors won't have to worry about Utah's lack of nightlife, as the first two games are at home, and they won't leave for Utah until Friday. Catch Game 1 of this series on Tuesday on TNT at 10:30 p.m.