Emre Can entered the encyclopedia of awesome Premier League goals on Monday. Just before halftime in a game against Watford, the German central midfielder for Liverpool took a remarkable shot that sailed right past the goalie for the game's first score. The shot earned him plenty of praise and perhaps plenty of money, and it also propelled his squad to a key domestic victory as the soccer season winds down.

Incredible score

As first half stoppage time raged, a ball came towards Can in the center of the field. With two defenders in his way, he took the road less traveled, flipping on his way to giving a powerful kick toward the net.

The ball did the rest, sailing toward the top left of the goal and leaving the Watford keeper helpless to stop it. The goal put Liverpool up 1-0, giving them some momentum going into the half as their midfielder ran wild around the pitch in delirium.

Praise immediately came in for Can as people drew comparisons between his bicycle kick and a famous goal from Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp couldn't contain his excitement on the sidelines either. Fans of Watford had no idea what to make of it, looking in disbelief beyond the goal line. Can has only been in the Premier League for three years since coming over from his native Germany, but Monday's goal showed the kind of impact he can make on a game.

Controlling their destiny

It wasn't the prettiest win for Liverpool - Can scored the only goal for them in a 1-0 victory - but it was enough. Philippe Coutinho went down early in the game with a dead leg, forcing Klopp to insert Adam Lallana into the contest. He wound up delivering some chances for the team, though, making it a quality substitution.

There was more pace in the second half, and a Watford shot went off the crossbar in the closing minutes, but the win was still secure for the boys of Liverpool.

With the victory, Liverpool is now four points ahead of fifth place in the Premier League, though they do have an extra game in hand compared to Manchester United and Manchester City.

Nevertheless, the squad is now in good shape to make it to the UEFA Champions League next season. Meanwhile, Watford keeps playing a game of chicken with relegation, although it appears the tiny Premier League team will miss that fate this season. Sadly, the highlight of their year may be watching their opponent Emre Can score the goal of the season.