Despite the Golden State Warriors being the clear favorites for the NBA championship, the health of the team and getting the win is a far bigger concern than the teams' form. There will be nobody regaling us with tales of the Golden State Warriors 115-104 win over the Utah Jazz in Game 2.

The Warriors are bored of the playoffs

The Golden State Warriors were on full cruise control throughout the whole game against a Utah Jazz team that was missing the presence of their starting point guard George Hill due to a toe injury. However, the Utah Jazz lacked the offensive power to hang with the Golden State Warriors.

With 25 points, Kevin Durant led all the Golden State Warriors in scoring. Despite a poor performance from the three-point line (0-4), Durant made the Utah Jazz pay when he was at the free throw line (13-15), Durant's stat line also included seven assists and eleven rebounds.

Even though The Golden State Warriors used their bench for large portions of the game, the Golden State Warriors mostly stuck with their starting five (except the insertion of Andre Iguodala for Zaza Pachulia). David West and Shaun Livingston became the only players besides the Warriors starting five to have more than ten minutes of game time.

The Jazz's hopes of winning dwindle by the day

Gordon Hayward scored 31 points and Rudy Gobert had a double-double of sixteen points and sixteen rebounds.

Despite their best efforts to will the Utah Jazz to a victory, Shelvin Mack was underwhelming as a George Hill replacement.

The combination of Rodney Hood and Joe Johnson combined for only sixteen points, with both Hood and Johnson each scoring 8 points. The tales of inconsistency continue for Rodney Hood, who had a shooting performance of 4 for 13 in his 35 minutes of game time in Thursday's game.

For the Warriors, there is an apparent lack of interest in playing at a high level of intensity. However, if the first two games of the series are an indication of the things to come there, is no doubt that these Warriors are more than happy to bring the brooms out for the second time these playoffs.