The plans for the Orlando Magic's offseason may have been leaked to the public to see, but similar projects predicted for each and every team. Each team has a predicted path of their preferred course of action in the period of Free Agency that occurs a short time after the playoffs, and the 2017 NBA draft come to each of their endings For every team, we have cut down their plan to a three-point list. Some records involved signing players of a particular nature. Other plans have to do with addressing a critical need, disregarding whichever future signings helps achieve this goal.

Other lists are not even related to the free agency period but will still have on impact on how the team performs in the future. If any of the team's general managers achieve these three objectives, they will be in a much greater shape for the 2017-18 season.

What is the Warriors' plan this offseason?

There is no reason that the Golden State Warriors should think about separating their core this upcoming free agency period. Even if the Warriors fail to capture the NBA championship for the second season running, the current core they have is more than capable of having another shot at the title for the next few seasons and should resign all their key players that are heading into free agency this season for team chemistry purposes.

However, the task at hand is easy to plan but hard to put into action. The first objective the Warriors have to do is persuade Kevin Durant to sign a long-term deal with the team or to opt for his player option next season worth $27,734,406. Also, they have to resign Stephen Curry to a long term deal. After these objectives completed, they need to retain the services of Javale McGee, Zaza Pachulia, David West, Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala.

Each player in this paragraph are heading into (or in Durant's case has a possibility of) heading into free agency this offseason and will more likely than not accept a pay cut to further their stay with the franchise.

Keeping key veterans is a major priority

Only after retaining all these players can the Warriors copy their rival the Cleveland Cavaliers in their free agency strategies and sign veterans who only priority is to sign with a championship-caliber team.

It will not have the cap space to able to afford someone luxurious even if players leave, which puts, even more, pressure on the Warriors' front office to persuade key bench players such as Iguodala that their basketball ability best kept in the Bay Area.

There is not any concern on signing any opposing teams free agents as of yet. These signings will happen at a later time, at this period now the top priority for the Golden State Warriors is that they have to keep the salary cap flexible to snag the right players at the right price.