Gordon Hayward had 26 points, eight rebounds and George Hill contributed 17 as the Utah Jazz dominate the Clippers in game seven in Los Angeles. DeAndre Jordan had 24 points, 17 rebounds and Jamal Crawford had 20 of the bench in the loss.

The Utah Jazz finally broke through and got that series-clinching win. 3 of their four victories were on the road.


The Jazz led most of the way. They got it done offensively and defensively. They shot 50 percent from the floor and 46 percent from three while holding the Clippers to 24 percent shooting from behind the arc.

Midway through the fourth quarter, the Clippers were pulling a comeback, after a JJ Redick three made it an 8 point deficit. The Utah Jazz would answer back.

George Hill made a mid-range jumper off of a pick and roll in which DeAndre Jordan sagged off and that pretty much sealed the deal. The Jazz got their win of the series and showed what toughness, ball movement, and team play could bring you. All series they had great ball movement but the shots were just not going in. In the biggest game of their season, the shots they found went in.

Los Angeles Clippers future

We may have seen the end of a Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, and Blake Griffin era. It seems evident that this three will not be a trio any longer, and the one who will likely be out is Chris Paul.

Paul has nothing to be ashamed for his time in LA. He's been the leader and the workhorse for this team for many years.While most will criticize his lack of playoff wins or success outside of the first round, Paul's effect on this team has been incredible.

What's next for Utah

Utah faces a tough, tough series in which they are a huge underdog in the second round.

The Golden State Warriors have been relaxing and are ready to go to work. The Jazz are severe underdogs in this series, and there are mismatches across the board.

The first key for the Jazz will be grabbing a win at Oracle Arena. Obviously, it's easier said than done. Oracle is arguably the hardest place to play in as a road team.

The Warriors fans have been waiting for some basketball, and a packed crowd will be there when the Jazz come by.

This was our first game seven of the playoffs, and although it was a bit uneventful, the series was essentially one giant game seven. Two teams went head to head in different play styles of basketball, and it took seven games for the Jazz to pull it out. Their numbers and points per game were almost identical all series.