The battle of the Western hemisphere started on day 2 of the League of Legends World Championship, as European’s Fnatic took on North America’s Immortals in a game that both teams needed to win. With both sitting at 0-1 so far, this match goes a long way to their team advancing out of the group stages. Immortals come into this group after a second-place finish in the summer, where it was noted that the young players were being hit with nerves in the large stadium against Team SoloMid. Immortals have a ton of talent but would have to calm the nerves and put it together in order to find success here at Worlds 2017.

Pick and ban

Immortals got the first pick in the pick and ban phase, and they selected Gragas. Fnatic came back with Ryze and Lulu picks, which are very popular so far at Worlds. Immortals grabbed Tahm Kench and Janna, while Fnatic got Twitch. Fnatic grabbed Cho’Gath for top lane and Immortals finished out their picks with a Taliyah and Jayce. Fnatic would finish it off with Lee Sin.

Early game

Fnatic played really well in the early parts of the game. They coordinated ganks throughout the beginning and quality turret dives, and it garnered them a nice lead. Immortals decided to try and take a risky baron and it actually paid off for them. They grabbed two barons throughout the match and although they barely led in gold at all, they still pulled out the victory.

Late game

Rekkles tried to go for the huge play with a flash but Immortals make them pay. Rekkles gets killed but Fnatic opted to try and split push and Immortals called their bluff and would push as well. Immortals defended their base enough to allow Pobelter to push down the middle lane and give Immortals the victory.

This is yet another 50-minute game and it shows you that if you have a lead, you need to close it out otherwise if it goes to that length, the whole match is relying on one good play or one mistake and it will swing the opposite way like it did in this match.

In the match a bit earlier, Team SoloMid found themselves a win over Flash Wolves with the same type of finish. After finally one big play, TSM closed out that match similarily to Immortals.

This is a big heartbreak for Fnatic and their fans, as they are now in a 0-2 hole that is going to be very tough to dig themselves out of. This group is very competitive and two losses mean you have a low chance of advancing out of the group. Immortals showed they were resilient and are now 1-1 and in a good spot in this group.