The best things in basketball are game sevens. Thankfully for us as viewers, we get one in the first round. The Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers face off at 3:30 PM EST on ABC in a huge game 7 in Los Angeles.

The Clippers have come back strong multiple times in this series. While being down 3-2 in game 6, Chris Paul came up huge for them and carried them to a victory. Chris Paul made it known that no matter who gets injured or what happens if he's on the floor then the Clippers are going to be in the game.

Game 5 recap

Game 5 featured a back and forth first half and most of the game until the Clippers broke it wide open to a 91-77 lead with 4 minutes to go.

Gordon Hayward took it upon himself to bring the Jazz back and his seven straight points brought them within three. With the clock running down, Joe Johnson got a good shot at the basket but would miss and send this series to a game 7.

Los Angeles keys

This series, in general, is huge for the Clippers. In what likely is the last of the Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, and Blake Griffin crew, this series can really make or break this team. They have to win this game and to do so it falls square onto Chris Paul's shoulders. If Chris Paul carries this team then they can win this game and series. The biggest key for them in game 7 is their on-ball defense. If they can force Utah off the three point line and really close out shooters well, they will be able to stay right with this team throughout the game.

Utah keys

For Utah, it comes down to making shots. It can't be said enough, this team is getting the open looks they want against the Clippers, but they are not putting the ball into the hoop. This is especially true on corner threes. The Jazz do a great job of moving the ball and making that extra pass they just have to knock it down.

On the defensive end, the Jazz need to control Chris Paul. If this means they switch or hedge hard on every pick and roll then they might need to. They need to force DeAndre Jordan to dominate them inside. The Jazz have the big bodies to roll with him they just need to be quick on the switches.

This game is a big unknown. The Jazz have the better team on paper, but the Clippers have Chris Paul.

Chris Paul is a testament to how you can be the worse team but still win games since you have the best player in the series. This is a weird series because while both teams are likely going to get smacked by the Warriors, the Jazz provide much better matchups against Golden State than the Clippers do, but the Jazz might not even be able to get through the Clippers.