Some of the best all-time shot blockers have played for the Miami Heat and in this list, we will count down five best of them. Beside centers, who usually the best shot blockers, the Heat had one of the best shot blocking guards on their roster for 13 years, as Dwyane Wade set numerous blocking records while playing in Miami.

During the regular season, Miami Heat ranked third in blocks per game with 5.8. Last year, the Heat were number one, well ahead of everyone. This was mostly because of Hassan Whiteside, whose incredible shot blocking skills earned him a spot on this list.

#5 - Joel Anthony (456 blocks)

Even though he's never been a superstar, Joel Anthony provided the Heat with his paint protection and shot blocking, which earned him a spot on the franchise's all-time blocking list. Anthony spent his first six and a half seasons in Miami, averaging 1.2 blocks per game.

Anthony's career high in blocks is six, and he set that record in his rookie season against the Indiana Pacers. He was mostly used as a backup center, but his consistency and long tenure with the Heat are the biggest reasons for his spot among the greatest shot blockers of the franchise.

#4 - Hassan Whiteside (553 blocks)

Whiteside has played only three seasons for the Miami Heat so far, yet he's already taken the fourth spot on this list.

In terms of skills, he is arguably the greatest shot blocker in the franchise history, but we will see if he can stay consistent over the course of his entire career.

The 27-year old center averaged the league-best 3.7 blocks per game last year, and he broke numerous franchise records with his blocks. Furthermore, he was one of a few players in NBA history to record multiple triple-doubles with blocks.

#3 - Rony Seikaly (610 blocks)

Rony Seikaly was the first draft pick in the Miami Heat history and he is also one of the best big men to ever play for the team. He played six seasons in Miami, averaging 14.7 points, 9.5 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game.

Seikaly had the highest career average in his second year with 1.7 blocks per game, and he also set his career high in single-game blocks that same year, with eight rejections against the New Jersey Nets.

#2 - Dwyane Wade (795 blocks)

Despite being only 6'4", Dwyane Wade is one of the greatest shot-blocking guards in NBA history, and he ranks second on the Miami Heat's all-time blocking list. Wade's best blocking year was in 2009, when he averaged 1.3 blocks per game.

He blocked career-high five shots in a single game five times, and he became the best shot-blocking guard who is 6'4" tall or shorter. Dwyane Wade had some of the most amazing blocks on his career on 7-foot centers, and he will always be remembered as the greatest shot-blocking guard and the greatest player in the Heat history.

#1 - Alonzo Mourning (1625 blocks)

With the career average of 2.8 blocks per game, Alonzo Mourning is the greatest shot blocker in the Miami Heat history. He spent 11 years playing for the Heat, becoming the only player to block more than 800 shots for the franchise. During his prime years, he was the best shot blocker in the NBA, and he averaged 3.9 blocks per game in 1998/98 season.

Surprisingly enough, Mourning never had a game with ten or more blocks, as his career high is nine blocks in a single game. He achieved this feat eight times, which is very impressive. He was a fearless defender who gave his maximum effort to contest every shot from the close range. Furthermore, Mourning's career average in blocks ranks him sixth on NBA's all-time blocking list.