The Bulls will be a team everyone watches in the NBA offseason. After crumbling in their first-round series against the Celtics, they now have a lot of questions to answer. Jimmy Butler is at the top of their list, as they had his name swirling in trade rumors when the trade deadline was approaching. Second on that list is Chicago native, Dwyane Wade.

Wade has the choice to pick up his player option and stay with the Bulls, or he can decline the option and leave the Bulls and test free agency. This isn't a quick decision for Wade as a lot of money is at stake.

Wade will talk to his agent and many other people before making his decision, but should Wade stay with Chicago, or should he try his chances at getting a ring elsewhere?

Money is the motivation

Dwyane Wade will be receiving quite the payday next year if he decides to pick up his player option. Wade is set to make $23.8 million if he decides to pick up his option. Wade signed a two-year deal with Chicago, so what might be best for him is if he picks up his option, plays with Chicago next year, gets paid his $23.8 million and then decides to play for another team.

The money he has on his player option might be the best money Wade will get. Wade averaged 19 points per game last season which was the lowest amount since his rookie year.

With Wade getting older and not being able to have the same bounce, teams will offer him lower value deals, so the aren't overpaying for a veteran like Wade. No team will offer him almost $24 million to play on their team this season, and Wade should know that. Wade should be smart and take his money in Chicago and play there.

Can he win in Chi-Town

The one thing that could cause D. Wade to turn down the money and look elsewhere is the Bulls ability to win. The Bulls ended last season 41-41 and barely making it into the playoffs, needing to win on the final night of the NBA regular season to get in.

The team was poorly constructed last year, as a lot of their roster's strength was getting into the paint.

They had no outside shooters to help out with the slashers and that caused them to struggle. There were some clashes between players on the team last year that had an effect on how they played on the court.

Jimmy Butler's future with Chicago is in the air as well, as he might be shipped out to another team. D. Wade is too late in his career to be wasting seasons, so if he feels like he can't win immediately in Chicago, he might want to take his talents somewhere else.

Dwyane Wade's decision to leave or stay in Chicago might be coming sooner than you think. Rumors say that Wade will pick up the option, as there is no team in the league that will offer him the money he can get if he picks up his player option.

Wade has the option to chase after rings, but he already has three so that might be pointless. Could we see Wade join his good friend LeBron James in Cleveland next year? Time will tell if Wade wants to continue his career in Chicago.