The Chicago Bulls are now in the offseason after being eliminated by the Celtics in six games. The Bulls had a 2-0 lead in that series, but they seemed to fall apart once Rajon Rondo went out with a wrist and thumb injury. The Bulls lost four straight and now must answer a bunch of questions surrounding their team this offseason. Jimmy Butler's time in Chicago might be coming to an end, as he was mentioned in trade rumors all year. Dwyane Wade is another question mark, as he has to decide if he wants to pick up his player option for next season.

Wade is in the twilight days of his career and must decide if he wants to chase rings or even want to go through the NBA grind anymore.

Ring Chaser

Dwyane Wade already has a Hall of Fame resume if he decides to call it a career. He has won three championships, all with the Miami Heat. In the final couple season of an NBA veteran's career, we might see them join a championship contender to chase a championship. We have seen Paul Pierce do it, Richard Jefferson of the Cavaliers got his ring after joining the team, and even Kevin Durant is starting his ring chasing early by joining the Warriors. Ring chasing has been a more trending topic in the NBA today, but Wade isn't looking to be a part of that group.

Wade said to reporters according to ESPN, "I don't need to ring-chase, but I can. It's a great luxury to have if I want to do."

Wade definitely can ring chase if he wants, but he already has three of them so if he does he might be looking greedy. Wade's at a great point in his career, already having three rings at his age. Wade can retire knowing he has those three championships, not having to jump from contender to contender to try to chase a ring.

Unknown Future

Nobody knows what Wade will do regarding his future with the Bulls, not even himself. Wade has the decision to pick up his player option and remain with the Bulls for the upcoming season. The option is worth $23.8 million, so Wade will be getting quite the check if he stays in Chicago.

Wade averaged 18.3 points per game last season, as he was the second scoring option on the team behind Jimmy Butler.

Wade had his exit meeting with the Bulls office executives Saturday and said he would take a few weeks to weigh his options and then reconvene with Gar Forman and John Paxson to decide what direction they are taking the Bulls and that will be one of the factors for Wade in his decision making.

Wade has many other factors to consider into his decision. He needs to see what happens with Butler, as he will be left on a team of young, undeveloped players if Butlers goes somewhere else. Wade said during the regular season that he doesn't prefer being on a team with youngsters, but that might be the situation if Butler is shipped out of town.

Wade commented to reporters about Butler's impact be saying "Jimmy is a huge component in me being here and what's his future like" according to ESPN.

He also has to consider his family. Wade says his family is comfortable in Chicago, and Wade might not feel comfortable in moving his family around when they have been used to one setting for a long period (his days in Miami). Wade will need to look at his decision in a financial lens, as he won't be offered anything close to $23.8 million by any other team this offseason if he decides to opt-out. This plays in the Bulls favor because they know this and expect Wade to pick up his option.

Dwyane Wade has a long offseason ahead of him as he has three options for his future. He can stay in Chicago and pick up his option, he can try to ring chase and join a contender, or he can retire knowing his career was a successful one, being on of the best shooting guards in the game. Wade will need to think long and hard, as his career is at a final crossroad.