The police arrested Tiger Woods (41) on suspicion of Dui early Monday morning and took him to the Palm Beach County jail in Florida. He was in the jail for about four hours and was subsequently released on his own recognizance. He is a well-known golfer and has won many major championships, but he has not taken up the golf club for nearly four months and is out for the rest of the season because of problems associated with back spasms. He is currently recovering from his fourth back surgery.

The version of Tiger Woods

New Zealand Herald reports that after his release Tiger Woods has tendered an apology in the form of a statement to his fans and family in which he has said that alcohol did not play any part in the DUI affair.

He has clarified that it was the reaction to medicines prescribed by his doctors for the back spasms and the incident has taken him by surprise.

He had no idea that the medication could have effects of this nature and has assured that he will take care to ensure that there will not be a repetition of such an incident. He has blamed it on medication, and further investigations will provide a better insight into the matter.

Kristin Rightler, the spokeswoman for Jupiter Police, has revealed that additional details about the circumstances leading to the arrest were not readily available and she was not in a position to confirm whether it was related to alcohol or drugs.

Are his golfing days over?

Tiger Woods has been out of the circuit for a long time.

He was absent from tournaments ever since the Omega Dubai Desert Classic where he was forced to withdraw due to complaints of back spasms. He was present in Los Angeles for the Genesis Open that is run by his Tiger Woods Foundation. However, he kept away from the course at Riviera because of his fitness problems. He was at the Masters, but it was a formality associated with dinner for past champions.

He has held the No. 1 position longer than any other golfer, but the back spasms have taken a heavy toll on his performances. He has been battling through back surgeries for quite a while, and in the latest such surgery a month ago, he got disks fused in his lower back. He has admitted that the fusion surgery had given him instant relief.

Golfing is an outdoor activity, a game that requires fitness level of a high order. Given the increasing bouts of discomforts related to his back, it will take time for Tiger Woods to return to his previous form. He is a man who is determined to succeed, and his fans would like to see him return to form and wield the golf club like a true master.