Chris Bosh has dealt with serious health issues, which caused him to stay away from basketball. The big man appeared in only 97 games over the last three seasons as his health issues were so serious that he could have died on the court. Before 2016/17 season started, Bosh was optimistic and believed he would finally be back for the Miami Heat. However, he failed a physical before the season, and did not get the permission to play.

Despite his health complications and a failed physical, Chris Bosh was persistent to play, yet he was not allowed to do so.

This created a lot of problems between him and the Heat, and the big man decided to spend the entire season away from the team. This was a huge loss for the Heat because not only were they not able to count on him on the court, but he was also unavailable off the court, and he could have been a great mentor to the younger players on the roster. However, the Relationship between Bosh and the Heat has mended, and it seems they will be able to find common ground.

The Heat-Bosh relationship is much better

During the regular season, the Miami Heat had no contact with Chris Bosh and they couldn't do much without communication with him. Bosh is still under a contract and the Heat haven't waived him yet, but that is something they probably intend to do in the following weeks.

Fortunately, the relationship between the two sides has mended, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, and Bosh will most likely reach a mutual agreement with the Heat.

According to the report, there has been direct contact between Chris Bosh and the Heat organization. This indicates that the big man has successfully talked to Pat Riley, and other important people, and that they are working on releasing Bosh from his contract.

What's next for Chris Bosh?

Chris Bosh will most likely not be on the Miami Heat roster after this summer as they are working on waiving him. This will clear salary cap for the Heat and Bosh will become an unrestricted free agent. He will still receive money from his contract with Miami, but it will not count against team's salary cap.

Considering how persistent he is, it is not likely that he will retire from basketball. Earlier this year, Bosh said he was hopeful to return to the NBA, and he commented that he understand the position his team is in. It is clear that the two-time NBA champion has no intention of going to retirement, but any attempt to play basketball could be fatal for him.