Chauncey Billups had a solid career in the NBA, before turning his career into somewhat of a TV personality who speaks about the NBA. Chauncey played 20 long and illustrious seasons in the National Basketball Association. His career consisted of 5 NBA All-Star appearances from 2006-2010, an All-NBA second team selection in 2006 and an NBA championship along with the Finals MVP in 2004. Billups had a career that should be respected and appreciated.

But since Chauncey Billups has changed his career into a man that talks NBA rather than playing in the NBA, he has made many controversial statements.

And after the Cavaliers game two victory over the Raptors, the man nicknamed Mr. Big Shot had something Interesting to say.

Chauncey Billups didn't like LeBron's spinning the ball antic

Chauncey Billups played with and won a championship with a Detroit Pistons team who were all about playing hard and winning with their grit and grind. And that approach to the game of basketball seems to be something Billups has kept with him throughout his career.

But a play that happened during the second quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers game two against the Toronto Raptors seemed to antagonise the 5-time All Star. It was a play where LeBron James spun the ball in his hands twice while being guarded by Serge Ibaka, he proceeded to jab step then sink a three pointer over Ibaka.

This play made LeBron's defender look lost, it seemed as if the King was toying with him. But according the Billups, if it was himself on defense, he wouldn't have allowed it.

Chauncey said:

"If LeBron James would've spun that ball two times in front of me and shot that shot in front of me... that would've been a flagrant one."

Chauncey further explained: "After that first spin I would've pressed up and he wouldn't have been able to do the second one, but I would've pushed him out of bounds."

Billups added that he would've intentionally fouled LeBron James so the Cavs would have to take the ball out of the court and restart the possession.

He wouldn't allow LBJ to shoot over him.

That's a lot of talk for a player that has been destroyed by King James in the regular season and playoffs throughout his career.

Does Billups have the right to talk?

Chauncey Billups may one day be inducted in the hall of fame, but he certainly does not seem like a player that should be talking about King James in this such way. Especially considering what LeBron did to his team in the NBA playoffs in 2007. LeBron played one of the greatest playoff games in NBA history in game 5 against Detroit in 2007, scoring the final 25 points including the game winner. This was a game which turned the series around and allowed LeBron to lead his team past Billups and the Pistons and into the NBA finals for the first time in his career.